TrekNorth School Board Minutes

TrekNorth High School

Call to order: Karen Forbes 6:10PM
Members present: K. Forbes, J. Benner, E. Haynes, M. Munson, S. Plum,
Guests: J. Plum (Operations Mgr.), K. Munson (Business Mgr.), Vicki Ross-Rhodes (TrekNorth Parent), David DenHartog (Director VEHS)
Absent: Dan Hawkins, Louise Mengelkoch, Lisa Harmon, McKeon.

I. Reading by Mike "To Joe Strummer" --Next reading assigned to Karen Forbes.

II. Approval of Board Minutes from 9 December 2003

Motion: S.Plum, Sec. Benner. Passed unanimous.

III. Consent Agenda

  1. Enter board email(s) into the public record
  2. Checks #1222-1261 (attached)
  3. Acceptance of $90,000 grant from EdVisions Inc.
    Motion to Accept Consent items Benner, Sec. Munson. Unanimous

IV. Open Forum - visitors

Discussion X-C ski and other relations with Voyageurs Exp. H.S.
Motion to assign responsibility for pursuing, deciding and defining parameters in which TrekNorth and VEHS would collaborate in extracurricular activities for the school year 2004-2005.
Haynes. Sec. Plum. Passed Unanimous.

V. Old business

  1. Lottery Date-February 17, 2004
    Motion Plum, Sec. Benner. Passed unanimous
  2. Proposed budget changes.
    Motion to approve the budget changes recommended by the Finance Committee to support the hiring of additional staff, as well as the additional $3000 to cover the January pay of two special education paraprofessionals.
    S. Plum, Sec. Haynes. Passed unanimous.
  3. Update on Peterson Sheet Metal contract.
    Motion to approve the service contract with PSM, Munson. Sec. Plum. Unanimous.
  4. Use of Board Commitment Document.
    Motion to strike this from the agenda, Haynes.. Sec. Munson. Passed Unanimous.

VI. New business

  1. Relationships with other charter. Decided during open forum.
  2. Board Training Update --Karen/Julia --see attachments
  3. Karen and Julia will attend the SLC board meeting January 20.
  4. Proposed calendar change to accommodate BSTs.
    Motion to approve calendar change to accommodate 10th grade writing BST on January 27th, Munson. Sec. Plum. Passed Unanimous.
  5. Motion: Discipline Policies will be written by lead teachers and Karen Forbes and submitted to board at March 2 meeting or sooner.
    Munson. Sec. Plum. Passed unanimous.
  6. Update on staff structure and new hires.
    An additional 5.5 fte position have been hired. TN will employ an administrative point person to handle communication with parents and discipline issues with students, two half-time special education paraprofessionals who will assist students with needs that are outside the parameters of the regular education program. One of these paraprofessionals will seek a waiver from the Dept. of Ed. as a half-time special education teacher. That position will also assume advisor duties in the afternoon. Another position is a half-time technology coordinator who will oversee the functioning of the technology apparatus at TrekNorth, train staff in the most efficient and productive use of technology and oversee the development of a long-term technology plan. The technology position will also serve as an advisor during PBL time. Science and History teaching and advising positions were also filled.

VII.Next Regular Meeting at 6pm on January 13, 2004-to include the auditor's report.

VIII.Motion to adjourn. Munson. Sec. Forbes. Passed unanimous.


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