TrekNorth School Board Minutes

TrekNorth High School

Present: Jean Benner, Dan Hawkins, Karen Forbes, Erica Haynes
Absent: Louise Mengelkoch, Mike Munson, Steve Plum, Dan Mckeon, Lisa Harmon

** There was not a quorem for this meeting; nonetheless, we still listened to the auditor’s report.

I.  Reading by Karen Forbes   
*postponed until next meeting 

II.  Approval of Board Minutes from 9 December, 2003 and 6 January, 2004

III.  Consent Agenda (5 min.)

  1. Enter board emails into the public record. (attached)

IV.  Open Forum – visitors (10 minutes)

V.  Old business

IV.  New business

  1. Auditor’s report (20 min.)
  2. LDS request for their Boy Scout troup to work on shotgun badge.
  3. Renting facility to Jane Freeman for class 

VI.  Next Regular Meeting at 6pm on February 3, 2004

VII. Adjourn


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