TrekNorth School Board Minutes

TrekNorth High School
6:00 pm

Present: D.Hawkins, D.McKeon, K.O’Kane, B.Bernstrom, J.Benner, E.Haynes
Absent: L.Harmon

I.  Next Reading: Dan Hawkins

II. Approval of Board Minutes from February 3, 2004

Minutes:approved Benner, second McKeon
passed unanimous

III. Consent Agenda 

Motion to approve financial consultant contract with MACS (Minnesota Association of Charter Schools): McKeon, second Haynes

IV. Open Forum:

V. Financial Report:

Informative session: Laura Straw
Proposal to reserve April 13, 2004 solely for complete financial report from financial committee: Benner, second Hawkins
passed unanimous

VI. Executive Council Reports

  1. A. Report on Water Damage 2/22/04: Mike Munson
    : Simonson’s refunding one-days rent
    : Simonson’s contacting service master to conduct thorough cleaning
  2. Professional Development Plans, Staff Review: Steve Plum
    : professional development plan (content, compentency, parent involvment) is in creation status
    : Staff review: currently observing classrooms facilitating ends to means function from board to staff
  3. Parent Caucuses, Parent Involvement Committee, Restorative Processes Committee
    : parent caucus: regular date set- every third Monday, 7 P.M.
    : parent involvement: meets 3.11.04 for first time
    : restorative process committee: on hold, working with EdVisions to create a plan for implementations

VII. Old business

  1. VOA notice of deficiency, formal replies and responses report from Justin Testerman
  2. Discipline/Restorative Practices Report: Karen
        : Karen Forbes recommended to the board to keep the original discipline policy until restorative plan is implemented/complete, at this time the discipline policy will be revisited 
    Motion to accept recommendation O’Kane, second Benner
    passed unanimous

VIII.  New business

  1. Compliance Policies MDE
    Motion to postpone indefinetely: Benner, McKeon
    passed unanimously
  2. Appointment of New Board Members
    Laura Straw: applicant for temporary parent position on Board   
    motion to accept Straw to board: Benner, second O’kane
    passed unanimous
    Tammy Rogers: applicant for temporary parent position on Board  
    motion to accept Rogers to board: McKeon, second Haynes
    passed unanimous
  3. April Board Election, date, process and protocol, annual meeting:
    Motion to postpone April elections until May: Haynes, second Benner
    ad-hoc committee: Haynes, McKeon, Benner, Hawkins
    passed unanimous
  4. Carver Model Structure
    motion to postpone indefinetely: Benner, second O’Kane
    passed unanimously
  5. Calendar Change, March 12 student attendance day.
    Motion to confirm school attendance day: Benner, second McKeon
  6. Archdeacon Gilfillan Center, Robyn Trepanier
    Informative discussion: No Board action.
  7. Amend By-Laws to reflect structural/governance change
  8. Designate Kari Munson as signatore for Safety Deposit Box
    Motion to designate K.Munson as signatore for Safety Deposit Box: Benner, second Haynes
    passed unanimous
  9. Board training is scheduled for May 10, 11, 12. This will involve two things:
    1. writing of strategic plan and ends policies
    2. training in CarverModel Policy Governance

IX.  Next Regular Meeting at 6pm on March 16, 2004

X.  Motion to Adjourn: Haynes, second McKeon


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