TrekNorth School Board Minutes

TrekNorth High School

Present: D. Hawkins, D.McKeon, E.Haynes, B.Bernstrom, K.O’Kane, T. Rogers, L.Straw, L.Harmon, J.Benner

Meeting called to order, Dan Hawkins

I. Reading Dan McKeon; next reading assigned to Laura Straw

II. Open Forum:

III. Approval of Board Minutes

  1. Board Minutes from: 03.16.04
    Motion to approve board minutes from 03.16.04: Haynes, second McKeon
    passed unanimous
  2. Board Minutes from: 03.09.04
    Motion to approve board minutes from 03.09.04: Benner, second Haynes
    passed unanimous

IV. Consent Agenda

  1. Amended Budget
    Motion to approve amended budget: Straw, second McKeon
    passed unanimous
  2. Financial report date change: 4.13.04 to 4.20.04
    Motion to change date to 04.20.04: Rogers, second O’Kane
    passed unanimous
  3. Check register:
    Motion to approve the checks: McKeon, second Harmon
    passed unanimous

V. Old Business

  1. Revised Compliance Policies
    1. Motion to approve Disability Nondiscrimination Policy:
      Straw, second Benner
      passed unanimous
    2. Motion to approve Student Disability Nondiscrimination Policy:
      McKeon, second Harmon
      passed unanimous
    3. Motion to approve Title: Section 504 Process for Students:
      McKeon, second Haynes
      passed unanimous
    4. Motion to approve Unlawful Sex Discrimination Toward a Student Policy and Student Sex Nondiscrimination Policy
      Benner, second McKeon
      passed unanimous
    5. Motion to approve Crisis Management Policy:
      Bernstrom, second Straw
      passed unanimous
    6. Motion to approve Harrassment and Violence Policy:
      Harmon, second McKeon

VI. New Business

  1. Board meeting date change: from 1st/2nd Tuesday to 2nd/3rd Tuesday
    Motion to change regular meeting dates to 2nd/3rd Tuesday, starting in May: Haynes, second McKeon
  2. Board Training with Cindy Reuther date change:
    from 05.10.04-05.12.04 to 05.17.04-05.19.04, (times: 3:45-6, 3:45-9, 3:45-6)
  3. Special-Use Permit and lunch issue update from Board Chair
  4. Upcoming election: change date from April 27, 2004 to May 4, 2004
    Motion to change the date: Haynes, second McKeon
    passed unanimous

VII. Closed Meeting
**Handbook review committee: Krueger, O’Kane, Hawkins

VII. Adjourn
Motion to adjourn the meeting: McKeon, second Haynes
Passed unanimous


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