TrekNorth School Board Minutes

TrekNorth High School
Board Agenda
May 11, 2004
Annual Meeting

Present: B. Bernstrom, D. McKeon, J. Benner, L. Straw, E. Haynes, K. O’Kane, D. Hawkins
Absent: L. Harmon, T. Rogers

Meeting called to order by Dan Hawkins.

I. Reading by Bob Bernstrom, next reading by Jean Benner

II. Open Forum

III. Approval of Board Minutes: 04.20.04

Motion to approve Board Minutes: Haynes, second Bernstrom
passed unanimously

IV. Consent Agenda Items

Motion to approve consent agenda items: McKeon, second Benner
Request to include a financial update next agenda.
passed unanimous

V. New Business:

A. New Board Members appointed:
D. Hawkins, L. Straw, Mark Johnson, Jim Walker, J. Benner, D. McKeon, B. Bernstrom, L. Brown, E. Haynes

B. Drug and Alcohol policy: D. Hawkins
Motion to approve Drug and Alcohol Policy with ammended
revisions: O’Kane, second McKeon
passed unanimous

C. Vending Machines in school: J.Benner
Motion to approve the use of vending machines in the school as part of the school store selling only approved, healthy snacks: McKeon, second O’Kane
passed unanimous

D. Board Policy/Procedures: D. Hawkins

E. Crisis Management/Suicide Prevention Policy: K.Forbes 06
discussion on current policy

F. Amazon, Powell website affiliation: B. Bernstrom

VI. Adjourn

Motion to adjourn: Bernstrom, second McKeon


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