TrekNorth School Board Minutes

TrekNorth High School
Board meeting; 9-2-2003

Members Present: Mengelkoch, Krueger, Munson, Haynes, Benner, Plum
Guests: Julia Plum (Office Mgr.), Justin Testerman (VOA), Kari Munson (Bus. Mgr.)
Julie Johnson-Wilborg (Dean of Students), Leah Mayerhoffer Ballard, Matt Huffman (student), Dan McKeon (teacher)

I. Louise called the meeting to order: 7 p.m.

II. Reading: Steve …shackles and hemlock and Socrates death
Next week’s reading: Julie Johnson-Wilborg

III. Approval of last meeting’s minutes

  1. discussion of approval time of minutes
  2. motion to expedite the approved minutes by giving us 48 hours to respond
    once sent out by mike- no response means you approve , a response means
    minutes will be approved at next board meeting, Benner, second plum passed
  3. motion to approve minutes 8-05-03, Karen, second plum passed unanimous
  4. motion to approve minutes from 8-26-03, steve moved, Karen second, passed

IV. Consent Agenda:

  1. Items?
  2. Current Expense Report
  3. Issue of spending the incentive portion of 1st Fed. Grant, approximately 22,000 remains, nearly all for staff/human resource development.

V. Old Business:

  1. Amended Budget: will be presented after the next Finance Committee Meeting,
    Sept. 30
  2. Lunch Money Policy, current Allison Drietz collects and compiles student deposits into accounts, then debits student lunch expenses.
    Motion: students may not charge more than 5 lunches, Krueger, sec. Munson
    amendment monthly bill sent home on outstanding accounts with notice that further charges will be prohibited until debt is paid. Krueger, Sec. Munson.
    passed unanimous.
  3. Board Composition and Adding Members:
    1. Julia Plum will research the issue of student membership on board and board member job descriptions. Also, Julia will research means of posting/recruiting the position.
    2. Discussion of board composition tabled to first Oct. meeting.
  4. Foreign Language policy at TrekNorth: discussion of how structure a program toward goal of fluencey and well rounded graduate.
  5. Report from St. Thomas/VOA board training: summaries of fundraising and legal issues distributed by Louise

VI. New Business:

  1. Authorization of Julia Plum to Submit Grants. Gates EdVisions, Second Federal Grant, Magnet School Grant from Dept. of Ed., Motion: Krueger, second Benner, passed
  2. Report on First Day: it was a good day.
  3. Other:
    1. Board Meeting Times, changed to 6:00PM from 7:00PM. Scheduled to run 2 hours. Motion: Benner, Sec. Haynes, passed unanimous.

VII. Adjourn. Motion Krueger, Sec. Haynes passed unanimous.


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