TrekNorth School Board Minutes

TrekNorth High School

Members Present: Steve Plum, Mike Munson, Jean Benner, Louise Mengelkoch, Erica Haynes
Member Absent with Cause: Karen Krueger (Wedding)
TrekNorth Employees Present: Dan McKeon, Julie Johnson, Julia Plum, Kari Munson
Guests: Justin Testerman (VOA), Dale_______ (BSU Student), Matt Huffman (TN student)

I. Approval of Board Minutes from last Sept 2, 2003, Sept. 11 '03, Sept. 26 '03.

II. Consent Agenda

  • checks for July, Aug, Sept (Addendum A)
  • ESEA grant-TrekNorth allows Julia Plum to act as the TrekNorth representative in applying for this grant.
  • Credit Accounts at various businesses Office Max $(10,000), Target ($1000), *Simonson's Gas Station (gas purchases for TrekNorth vehicles only)
  • TrekNorth Contracts-Food Service, Peterson Sheet Metal (Addenda B, C)

    Motion to strike the Peterson Sheet Metal Contract For Maintenance of Heating and Cooling Units Munson, Sec. Plum, passed unanimous.

    Motion to Strike the Food Service Contract from Consent Agenda. M. Munson, Second Benner. Discussion involves Board Recommendation that Finance Committee Develop Contract Policy for Board by Next Meeting. passed uanimous

    Motion to Approve Consent Agenda Items minus the PSM and Food Service Contracts. Benner, Sec. Plum. Passed Unanimous

III. Overview of First Month--Results of Staff Survey

Report on Staff Survey of Impressions after one month.

IV. Old Business

A. revised annual budget - Julie --. See Adenda

Motion to Approve Revised 03-04 Budget with acknowlegement that the assumed 2% increase in State Funding for 04-05 and beyond is not recognized as assured income. Plum. Sec. Benner, Unanimous

B. Auditor Summary

Recommendations of Auditor, Don Zehrke of Miller McDonald.

  1. Office staff who work with money should be bonded.
  2. Prevention plan for fraud should be in place
  3. Develop a disaster recovery plan.
  4. Establish a deadline for submitting orders for materials, etc. June 30, etc.
  5. Responsibility for release of activities funds.
  6. May is time when Budget should be amended to to cover food service loss.
  7. Pledge security on deposited funds should cover our deposits.
  8. Threshhold for capitalization.
  9. Establish the 501C3 Status

These recommendations will be deferred to Finance Committee.

Motion to allow Sundog Staff to pursue and finalize the 501C3 with an upward limit of 1,500 dollars expenses. Munson. Sec. Benner. Passes Unanimous

V. New Business

A. Student concerts at TrekNorth facility (Matt Huffman)
proposal to hold a concert benefit to raise money for J-Term Trips.
Possible Dates Nov. 24 and Dec. 6.

Motion that Matt can pursue the venue following approval from Simonson (landlord), security with hiring a Police officer for the night and checking sound ordinances. Also, establish a policy for handling of monies. Munson, Sec. Plum. Unanimous.

B. Bank account

    1. proposed change from First Federal to First National
      establishing credit line

      Motion to authorize Kari to finalize transfer of TrekNorth Account from First Federal to First National and establish access the $25,000 liine of credit when necessary to cover short term TrekNorth expenses. Munson, Sec. Plum Passed.Unanimous.

    2. signatories-

      Motion All Accounts Payable checks are to be signed by Julie Johnson-Wilborg and Jean Benner. Kari Munson, Business Mgr. should have access to all account information. Plum, Sec. Munson. Passed. Unanimous.

      C. Bus purchase opportunity
      Currently the bus is being inspected by MN. State Patrol and examined by a certified mechanic. Cost is $1,900.

Tabled until reports from State Patrol and mechanic are in.

D. Website maintenance agreement w/ GoAskRob (Addendum D)

Motion Adopt the new website maintence agreement with Go-Ask-Rob. Plum, Sec. Munson. Passed Unanimous.

E. Calendar changes

Motion to Approve the Amended Calender. Benner, Sec. Munson. Passed Unanimous.

F. MACS Membership (dues will be invoiced in November--$5000)

Motion to approve MACS Membership and pay the annual fee. Benner, Sec. Plum passed unanimous.

G. extracurriculars
Required eligibility requirements, Dan will develop this policy. Munson, Sec. Plum. Passed Unanimous

H. TrekNorth application for MN Association of State Agencies for Surplus Property.

Motion to apply, Plum, Sec. Benner Passed Unanimously.

VI. Policy Updates

A. Expulsion policy (see board guidelines & student handbook)

Motion to establish an Ad Hoc Committee to develop formal policies for discipline, suspension and expulsion membership to include 2 board members, 2 parents and 2 teachers.Munson, Sec. Benner. Passed Unanimous.

VII. Next Meeting: 6 pm on October 21, 2003 at TrekNorth High School (to cover remaining agenda items)

VIII. Adjourn

Motion Munson, Sec. Benner. Unanimous.


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