TrekNorth School Board Minutes

TrekNorth High School

Members Present: L Mengelkoch, Karen Forbes (formerly Krueger), S. Plum, E Haynes, M.Munson, J Benner
Others Present: Johnson-Wilborg, K.Munson, J. Plum

I. Reading by Karen Forbes, Patience--next reading assigned to Erica Haynes

II. Approval of Revised Board Minutes from October 7, 2003

Motion: Krueger. Sec. Munson. Unanimous

III. Consent Agenda

A. Approval of TrekNorth Contracts

  1. Simonson's Market Cafe
  2. Beltrami County Public Health Services
  3. Peterson Sheet Metal
  4. Outdoor Program Center

B. Approval to accept additional incentive monies from 1st federal grant.
(Additional Federal monies are available through MN Dept. of Ed. Extension of first grant allows TN to receive additional 10,000.)

Motion to table PSM contract for maintenance of heating/air conditioning units. Munson. sec. Benner. passed unanimous. (S. Plum will investigate an alternate vendor.)

Motion to approve consent agenda minus the PSM contract (tabled) and OPC (previously approved). Benner, Sec. Haynes. passed Unanimous

IV. Old business (previously tabled)

A. Bus purchase update Report from the State Patrol suggests the bus wouldn't be a good investment. TrekNorth is no longer pursuing purchasing of this vehicle.

B. Calendar --Lottery Date and board schedule

Motion to establish Feb. 10, 2004 as the next lottery date and to shift scheduled Board Meetings on 1st and 2nd Tuesdays of each month (in order to allow attendance at Schoolcraft's board meetings).. Haynes. Sec. Plum. passed unanimous.

C. Graduation Date: May 28, 2004 (decided at previous meeting)

V. New business

A. Release control to staff/students of fundraised monies. Tabled.

B. Proposed Agreement w/ BHS to encourage transfers in between terms
Motion to accept the agreement to limit enrollment between weeks 3 and 9.
Plum, sec. Haynes. Failed -2 in favor (Haynes, Plum), 4 against (Mengelkoch, Munson, Krueger, Benner)

C. 'Recreational' computer use--TrekNorth Technology Policy clearly states that computers are to be used for instructional/academic purposes. Board supports this policy and understands that teachers are making vigorous efforts to enforce this.

D. Relations w/ Schoolcraft board--SLC board members and community. Members are informed and invited to TN Board Meetings. In turn, TN board schedule is adjusted to accomodate SLC board calendar. (See earlier motion.)

E. Parent's comments--Discussion involved several issues raised by a parent in a letter.

Motion that Mengelkoch write letters in response to parent in question and to VOA.
Forbes. Sec. Munson. Passed Unanimous

F. VOA letter (15 min.) Motion that Sundog Teching cooperative addresses the issues raised by letter from Justin Testerman of VOA. Mike, Second Forbes. passed unanimous.

VI. Policy Updates

A. Parent Involvement Policy

Motion to form ad-hoc parent involvement committee to begin immediately and be chaired by Julia Plum. Munson, Sec. Haynes. passed unanimous.

B. Policy regarding notice to board members -Discussion included requesting that Julie JW send the board members updates on any student suspension issues (not to include the student'name.) For now, email will be used. Later, perhaps powerschool will be utilized.

C. Technology policy-Discussion included a general review of technology policies (mostly covered in an above agenda item where parent concerns were addressed and also where 'recreational'use was addressed.)

D. Adding another board member

Motion to appoint Mengelkoch, J.Plum, Forbes as ad-hoc cmommittee to explore and recommend potential board members. Munson, sec. Haynes. passed unanimous

E. Expulsion policy - tabled until committee has something to report

F. Transportation policy-quick review of procedure

G. Financial Credit Policy -- tabled

VII. Next Meeting: 6 pm on November 4, 2003 at TrekNorth High School

VIII. Adjourn.

Motion Forbes, Sec. Haynes. Passed unanimous.


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