TrekNorth School Board Minutes

TrekNorth High School

**PRELIMINARY Board Meeting Agenda**

I. Reading by Erica Haynes --next reading to be assigned (5 min.)
(***who will be our timer?)

II. Approval of Board Minutes from October 21, 2003 (5 min.)
(***optional, as they are already 'approved')

III. Consent Agenda (5 min.)

A. Approval of list of checks (attached)
B. Approval of federal grant extension budget, as submitted in October, 2003.

IV. Old business

A. Bus purchase update (10 min.) --Steve/Mike
B. Board composition (15 min.) --committee/Louise
C. Naylor and Peterson Sheet Metal Proposals (10 min.) --Steve

V. New business

A. Facility use

  1. Hanging art by regional artisits (5 mn.) - Karen
  2. Indoor mural by TN students (10 min.) - Mike (& students?)
  3. Documentary

B. Student Susupension Issue (30 min.)

VI. Policy and Committee Updates-may be moved to the next meeting

A. Parent Involvement Committee --Julia (5 min.)
B. Finance committee -- Jean (10 min.)
C. Discipline Committe -- Expulsion policy Julie/Dean (15 min.)
D. Any other policies the board would like committees to pursue?

VII. Next Meeting: 6 pm on November 4, 2003 at TrekNorth High School

A. Response to VOA from TN
B. Response to VOA from Sundog
C. Summary of Sundog survey and the plan of action

VIII. Adjourn


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