TrekNorth School Board Minutes

TrekNorth High School

Members Present: Mengelkoch, Forbes, Haynes, Benner, S. Plum, M. Munson.
Other Staff: K. Munson, J. Plum, D. McKeon. Parent: Vicki Moberg.

I. Reading by Erica Haynes--next reading assigned to Erica? Poem by Denise Levetrod

II. Approval of Board Minutes from October 21, 2003 and November 5, 2003
(Nov 4 mtg cancelled due to local elections.)

  • Motion to approve corrected 10/21/03 minutes (Krueger changed to Forbes in item II): S.Plum, Sec. Benner. Passed Unanimous
  • Motion to Approve Nov. 5 Minutes Forbes, Sec. Haynes. Passed uananimous.

III. Consent Agenda (5 min.)

  1. TN Checks #2037-2111
  2. Federal grant extension budget
  3. School psychologist contract

    Motion to Approve, Forbes, Sec. Haynes. Passed Unanimous

IV. Open Forum - visitors (5 min.)

V. Old business

  1. Concert-TN facility, as fundraiser for J-Term trips, Nov. 24 and 26 (5 minutes) - Matt Huffman, TN student.
    Contact with Bemidji Polic Dpt., BPD will provide police officer for duration of the evening. Landlord has been contacted, with details, requesting permission.
    Motion to accept request and go ahead with concert pending written permission from Arch Simonson and coordinated effort with TrekNorth staff. Plum, Sec. Haynes. Passed, unanimous
  2. Bus purchase update (5 min.) --Steve/Mike
    See Adendum-"Bus Purchase" Motion table to next board meeting with request for more information.M.Munson, Sec. Haynes. passed unanimous.
  3. Naylor and Peterson Sheet Metal Proposals (5 min.) --Steve
    The signed contract with Peterson Sheet metal was not approved by the Board. The Naylor bid is $1000.00 less than Peterson bid.

V. New business

  1. Facility use
    1. Indoor mural by TN students (10 min.) - Mike (& students?)
      Motion to proceed with mural, upon approval of landlord and a detailed preliminary sketch of mural and it's location in Bistro. Munson, Sec. S.Plum. Passed unanimous.
    2. Hanging art by regional artisits (5 min.) - Karen
      Motion to display salable art by regional artists beginning over the Christmas break upon favorable opinion. Munson, Sec. Haynes. Passed unanimous.
    3. Documentary Project (5 min.) -- Louise
      Motion for TrekNorth to host media forum on "teenagers in a changing world". Tuesday, Nov. 18, 6:30-8:30 at TrekNorth High School. Forbes, Sec. Haynes.
    4. Creative Words Coffeehouse (5 min) -Karen
      Motion for TrekNorth to host Creative Words Coffee house in cafeteria the 3rd Friday of every month beginningin December. Munson. Sec. Haynes. Passed unanimous.
    5. Further Facility Requests -- Continue to go thru board.
  2. OSHA --Julia (5 min.) Recommendations for minor improvements and
  3. Food Service update - (5 min.)
  4. Apple would like to use TN as a reference site.
    Motion to accept Apple to use TrekNorth a reference site. S.Plum.Sec. Munson. Passed unanimous.
  5. Upcoming board training Dec. 5-6. AND MACS Annual Meeting, Nov. 20
  6. Expulsion Issue-new one. Reckless use by student of an art-tool (detractible "exacto" knife). Another students' index finger was severely cut and he went for stitches to emergency room.
    Motion to table discussion of expulsion proceedings until further information is provided by teachers who were present in the room of the incident and teacher in room from which exacto tool came, and any other relevent information. Special meeting to be arranged and parents notified.
    S.Plum, Sec. Forbes. Passed unanimous.
    Motion that staff involved in the incident in the theatre and the art room provide a documentation of their interpretation of events. Haynes. Sec. Munson. Passed unanimous.
  7. Board compensation in case of unpaid days off from work to attend training
    Motion that when board members attend training at loss of pay for the day, they will be compensated at the rate of pay lost. Haynes, Sec. S.Plum, Passed unanimous.

VI. Policy and Committee Updates

  1. Board composition (15 min.) --committee/Louise and Karen
    1. 9 member board,
      Motion to establish a 9 member board by adding 2 parents and 1 teacher. Forbes, Sec. Haynes. Passed unanimous.
      Motion to Appoint Dan Hawkins as TrekNorth Board member effective at next meeting. Forbes, Sec. Haynes Passed unanimous.
      Motion to Appoint Lisa Harmon as TrekNorth Board member effective next meeting. S.Plum, Sec. Frobes. Passed unanimous
    2. choose board member(s)
      Chair instructs Sundog to select new teacher board member.
    3. ex-officio status for Dean and/or for others?
      Motion that Julie Johnson-Willborg be appointed an ex-officio member of TrekNorth Board. Forbes, Sec. Haynes. Passed unanimous.
    4. plan to get student on board, including one-year ex-officio status
      Motion for staff to select ex-officio student member of board asap. Munson. Sec. Haynes. Passed Unanimous
  2. Discipline Committee -- Expulsion policy AND Weapons Policy
    Motion to approve the Weapons policy derived from MSBA/MASA policy manual with appropriate language to reflect TrekNorth High School. Haynes. Sec. Munson. Passed Unanimous.
    Motion to approve exclusion, expulsion and suspension policy with appropriate language to reflect TrekNorth High School. Forbes, Sec. Haynes. Passed unanimous.
  3. Finance committee -- Jean (5 min.)
    1. The purpose of the TrekNorth Finance Committee is to oversee the financial aspects of the operation of TrekNorth High School, including but not limited to review of expenses paid by the business office and approval of expenditures proposed by Sundog Cooperative. The fundamental philosophy of the committee is that we will meet all deadlines with the understanding that our failure to do so is a reflection upon the professionalism of our establishment and that we will purposefully err on the side of caution in order to protect the integrity of our institution.
    2. Proposed policies include:
      1. Purchasing policy: Individual departments may spend their budgets at their discretion, with a budget variance of 5% or $1000, or the lesser of the two, per budget category. Any proposed puchases in excess of the budget variance must be approved by the board prior to the purchase.
      2. Line of Credit Policy: Lines of Credit issued in TrekNorth's name may be utilized without board consent if the funds are available to pay back the debt in full within two weeks. Otherwise, incurring debt in the name of TrekNorth is subject to prior board approval.
  4. Any other policies the board would like committees to pursue?
  5. Any other committees the board would like?
  6. These committees will be report to the board in December, 2003:
    1. Parent Involvement Committee
    2. Technology Committee
    3. PR Committee
  7. VOA letter - Steve/Mike (20 minutes)
    1. Update from Sundog-new committee structure; Cindy Reuther, etc.
    2. Response from TN to VOA
    3. Response from Sundog to VOA
    4. Further update from Sundog at next board meeting

      Chair requests updated, detailed information on J-term trips from the staff involved.

VII. Next Meetings:

  1. Closed Meeting at 5pm on November 12, 2003 to discuss student expulsion
  2. Regular Meeting at 6pm on December 2, 2003

VIII. Adjourn, Motion Benner, Sec. Forbes. Passed unanimous


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