TrekNorth School Board Minutes

TrekNorth High School

Members Present: Benner, Forbes, S.Plum, Haynes, M. Munson.
Absent: L. Mengelkoch

1. new check signatories (need this today)

Motion to remove Julie Johnson-Willborg as signatory and replace her signatory status with Dan McKeon. on TrekNorth Checks. S. Plum, Sec. Haynes. Passed unanimous.

Motion to appoint Steve Plum as signing authority on Sundog Purchase orders. Forbes, Sec. Haynes.Passed unanimous.

2. Pending weapons violation (Mike will report his findings and the board will consider how to proceed.)

Board considered that specific information is still not yet available, especially in the area of legal advice. Board wishes to aquire and consider this information. Currently board is waiting for reply from MACS legal counsel Charles Ravine.

3. Further developments w/ the previous weapon case.

Sundog has communicated the Board Decision to pursue exclusion until Feb. 1, 2004.

Discussion of this case necessitates a closed hearing. Non-board members were instructed to leave the meeting room at this time, 4:37PM.

Motion to approve the written record of hearing and board vote from Nov. 12, 2003. Plum, Sec. Forbes. Passed unanimous.

Motion to Adjourn: Forbes
Second: Plum
Passed unanimous



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