TrekNorth School Board Minutes

TrekNorth High School

Present: S Plum, Benner, Mengelkoch, Haynes, Hawkins, Harmon, Forbes

Absent: M Munson

  1. Reading by Steve Plum: next reading by Kari: (5 minutes)
  2. Welcoming of new members: Dan Hawkins, Lisa Harmon
  3. ***Approval of Board minutes from 11.11.03:
    Move Forbes, Sec. Benner, passed unanimous

    ***Approval of Board minutes from 11.12.03, with the following change:
    present: Munson, Forbes, Haynes, Plum, Mengelkoch, Johnson-Wilborg,
    student, biological parents of student: absent: Benner

    Motion to approve Plum, Sec. Benner, passed unanimous

    ***Approval of Board minutes from 11.17.03, with the following change:
    Motion to Adjourn: Forbes, Sec. Plum
    Motion to approve Forbes, Sec. Benner, passed unanimous
  4. Consent agenda:
    1. TN Checks #2112-2147 (attached)
    2. Federal Extension Grant documents (need signing to accept $10,000)
      ***Move to approve items: Benner, Sec. Forbes
  5. Old Business:
    1. Recommendation of Dan McKeon to board:
      ***Move to appoint McKeon effective immediately
      Motion by Hawkins, Sec. Haynes, passed unanimous
    2. Board Committment Document: Decision tabled
    3. Board emails:
      ***Motion to enter to public record Haynes, Sec. Plum, passed unanimous
    4. Bus purchase update: Decision Tabled
      Proposal: lease, for five years, a new "activity" school bus (80 capacity) for
      $11,400/year with Grand American Bus Lines
    5. Naylor/Peterson sheet metal: decision tabled
    6. Board Training: Karen and Julia
  6. New Business:
    1. Finance committee recommends Kari Munson access to TN bank
      accounts at First National Bank
      ***Motion to approve Hawkins, Sec. Benner, passed unanimous
    2. J-Term briefs: McKeon (01.05.05-01.17.03), Haynes (01.13.03-
      01.22.03), Plum (1.12.03-1.22.03), Elias (dates unknown)
    3. Cindy Ruether--suggestions for discussion:
      1. communication between TrekNorth and EdVisions
      2. clear definition of what EdVisions wants from TNHS
      3. TNHS PBL status and future: demonstration from student of our
        idea of PBL
    4. VOA letter/Sundog letter is not attached--No discusssion
    5. Presentation night information-Dec 8th and 11th, 2003
  7. ***Adjourn: Motion Forbes, Sec. Haynes, passed unanimous

Minutes submitted by:
Erica Louise Haynes
TrekNorth High School


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