TrekNorth School Board Minutes

TrekNorth High School

Present: Lisa Harmon, Jean Benner, Dan McKeon, Erica Haynes, Mike Munson, Steve Plum, Louise Mengelkoch, K. Forbes.
Absent: Dan Hawkins
Others Present: Julia Plum (Office Manager), Kari Munson (Business Manager)
Guests: Brianna Shun (student), Cindy Ruether (EdVisions), Justin Testerman (VOA)

I. Song by Kari, Next reading assigned to Mike (5 min.)  

II. Approval of Board Minutes from 2 December, 2003

III. Consent Agenda  (5 min.)

  1. Enter board email(s) into the public record (attached)
  2. Permission for staff, on behalf of TrekNorth, to accept donations under
  3. Permission for the TN signatories to cash fundraiser checks (written to
    TrekNorth) in order for those funds to be deposited into the students’
    fundraising account.  (The separate fundraising account was previously
    decided—and allows these student fundraising moneys to be processed
    without going through UFARS.)

    Motion to approve A and B on consent agenda, Benner, sec. Harmon.
    Passed unanimous.

IV. Open Forum – visitors  (5 minutes) Student Brianna Shun asked
permission for TrekNorth to host a rap music concert Saturday, Dec.
13th, 2003. Motion to allow, McKeon, Sec. Haynes. Passed unanimous.

V. Old business

  1. bus purchase  Steve/Mike  (10 min.)
    Discussion: cost per mile operation (gas/maintenance) appears to be
    around $1.00, annual lease 9,700, insurance 1,500/yr.
    Motion to authorize bus lease upon a favorable opinion of council
    citing no issues of concern and a payment schedule that matches budget.
    Munson. sec. S. Plum
    passed 7 yes, Mengelkoch, no.
  2. New proposed budget (5 min.)
    Please note that there are fewer line items.  The finance committee
    supports the newly ‘translated’ version of the budget, and also
    recommends the following changes:
    1. Move funds ($6500) from professional development
      —to allow for acquiring a bus
      (do not make these changes if board votes not to acquire bus)
    2. Move funds ($10,000) from professional developmnent
      --to assist in hiring new advisors
    Motion to approve budget transfers. Benner, Haynes. Passed unanimous

    Kari is preparing a report to the finance committee that will provide
    more details on available funds in the personnel line-item budget.)
  3. Jterm trips  (California and DC trips)  (5 min.)

VI. New business

  1. possible food service change   --Julia  (5 min.)
  2. Board Training Update    --Karen/Julia  (5 min.)
  3. Who will attend the SLC board meeting next week?  (2 min.)
    Tuesday, 12/16 6:00PM Erica and Julia
  4. Referendum update  (TNHS will receive $280 per pupil unit for those
    students who reside in the ISD #31 borders...likely to result in at
    least $40,000)
  5. proposed calendar change  (5 min.) see adenda
    Motion to approve calendar change. Haynes, sec. Haynes. Passed.
  6. vending machines     --Kari (10 min.)
    motion to approve vending machines on campus. Munson. Sec. Haynes.
    passed 4 to 3.
  7. Cindy Reuther (remainder of meeting)

Next Regular Meeting at 6pm on January 6, 2003

Adjourn. Motion Haynes, Sec. Forbes. Passed unanimous.

***Agenda tems for next meeting are likely to include:

  • Consider use of Board Commitment document
  • Naylor and Peterson Sheet Metal Proposals (5 min.)  --Steve
  • Parent Involvement Committee
  • PR Committee
  • Discipline Committee—Need to reorganize?
    (Previously, the board requested review of the wording of exclusion,
    expulsion,and suspension policies.)
  • Update on Sundog restructuring
  • Proposed Changes to the 2003-2004 Calendar Requested 9 December, 2003
    • Date Staff changes Student changes
      • Jan. 23 Cancel staff development add a student day
      • Jan. 26-29 Add Curric. Develpmt. (for curric. team) remove four student
      • Jan. 29-31 Add Staff Development:  Grand Marais remove two student day
      • June 1-4 Add teaching days add four student days (except for senior

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