TrekNorth School Board Minutes

TrekNorth High School
Board Minutes
February 8, 2005

Present: L. Straw, L. Brown, D. Hawkins, D. McKeon, S. Corning, E. Haynes,
B. Bernstrom
6:10 P.M. Present: Jim Walker
6:20 P.M. Present: Mark Johnson
Guests: K. Munson, M. Munson, Dave Lalone, Clay Straw, Ed Driscoll

Meeting called to order: 6:03 P.M.
Motion made by McKeon, second Bernstrom

I. Reading: M. Johnson- postponed, next reading assigned to Dan Hawkins

II. Open Forum

Dave Lalone:
Lalone came to address the board regarding the recent actions of a board member while on a school trip. He wanted to know what actions would be taken when a board member violates school policy. The board replied decisions on policy have been delegated to the school. The board hears actions and generally either agrees or disagrees.

Ed Driscoll:
Driscoll addressed the board in regards to the New Orleans J-term. He stated that his son had a very enjoyable trip and that if anything, the school should learn from the mistakes made and move on. He also stated that his son had a positive relationship with the board member whose actions are in question.

Karyn O’Kane:
O’Kane addressed the board in regards to her recent employment terminations. Her concerns were: administrative staff pursuading students not to take her class, false information regarding the reason her position was terminated (she has heard information that the enrollment did not drop), she was informed that there was no money in the budget, yet T.A.’s were being hired, and an inappropriate email from a staff member, suggested administrative training take place.

III. Board Minutes

  1. Approval of December 14, 2004 board minutes:
    Correction: E. Accountablilty Plan to VOA: Munson
    Motion to approve the minutes: McKeon, Straw second
  2. January 11, 2005 board minutes- no quorem

IV. Consent Agenda

  1. cash flow, budget additions, check register: February Actuals: Add. A
    No questions, simply review

V. Old Business: None

VI. New Business

  1. Enrollment and the budget: Munson:
    Report from M. Munson: ADM report to state (December, 2004), which stated that”average daily membership” had dropped to 142 and our number of school days was incorrect (thus affecting the ADM); Munson requested the paper report from Karen Forbes and on Monday, February 7, 2005, he received the report and noticed there was an error; he stated that at this time she revise it and have correction to him by the next board meeting; the corrected current enrollment is at 156;
  2. Discipline adaptation: Munson: Add. B
    Report from M. Munson: th discipline committee created a new approach to discipline including restorative justice; the policy was given to the board to be informed of the change
  3. MSBA senate/house logger report: Addendum: Add. C
    Handout from the Minnesota School Board’s Association

V. Adjourn

Motion to adjourn: McKeon, second Straw
8:03 P.M.

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