TrekNorth School Board Minutes

TrekNorth High School
Board Agenda
February 15, 2005

Present: D.McKeon, J. Walker, L. Brown, L.Straw, B.Bernstrom, M.Johnson, D.Hawkins, E.Haynes
Absent: S. Corning
Guests: K. Lalone (parent), B.Koenig (teacher), K. Munson (busin

Called to order: 6:14 P.M.: M. Johnson, second Bernstrom

I. Reading: Dan Hawkins

II. Board Minutes:

  1. February 8, 2005:
    Changes to minutes:
    1. Under II. Open Forum, Dave Lalone: The board replied [decisions on policy have been delegated to the school. The board hears actions and generally either agrees or disagree.]
    2. Under II. Karyn O’Kane: ...staff member [,suggested administrative training take place.]
      Motion to approve minutes with changes: Brown, second Johnson
      passed unanimously

III. Old Business

  1. Report from New Orleans J-term, Dan McKeon
  2. Response to report: Laura Straw
    Summary of Discussion:

    McKeon: Stated that he was imprecise in his report and understands why there is confusion; States that his report shows that he found no intent to violate school policy, believes that the violation was negligence instead of violating school policy; stated that Straw’s reflection was a report not a complaint, as he listed in report; also stated that he intended on the his report to be a report, not a policy, and for it to be proactive; also stated that he is new to this and unsure of the correct protocol

    Walker: commented on the word choice and stated how he thought it was necessary to change; stated that violation implies there was intent to violate;

    McKeon: due to the violation not having intent, recommends training and education for staff in regards to trip leading

    Hawkins: stated that his focus on report was from the actions taken; discussed actions from trips and how after trips he always hears around school formally/informally how to change the trips; discussed the difference in a urban versus outdoor trip;

    Haynes: stated that the students researched the hostels and chose the hostel; spoke of the shock when seeing the actual hostel; stated how the people in the hostel respected the students; stated that the students have a level of responsibility and know what is right and wrong no matter what the temptations may be

    McKeon: stated how there won’t be any urban trips in May; stated how if she (erica haynes) would have seen the hostel with cash in hand and then still stayed there, then there would be a policy violation

    Hawkins: Stated that he found the response in the report to the hostel conditions an appropriate one

    Walker: stated how one issue concerned him and that issue is L. Straw smoking; he stated how the smoking is not so much the issue as the violation of policy, the intentional nature of the activity, and Straw being on the Board of Directors

    Munson: wanted to make sure that it was known that that issue, and the others stated in the report are school issues and will lead to a policy adaptation

    Hawkins: stated he would like to finish discussion of report and then close meeting to discuss the

    McKeon: discussed the staff training to improve leadership skills, and inform board we (staff) are taking steps to lead safe and effective trips

    Hawkins: stated that he trusts the process that goes on in regards to trips and likes the report; noted that wants staff to continually develop process to ensure trips are safe and meaningful; request to incorporate any parent needs to feel secure to express concerns before and after; stress the importance of process and procedure to make this (parent expression) easy

    Walker: shared personal experience as a parent with students on trips

    Brown: commented on staff training heading in right direction

    Hawkins: states board delegated decision making to the school, understand language probems, sees reasonable responses, expecting to see policy changes in future, call for discussion or comment

    Bernstrom: stated he feels satisfied, doesn’t feel that issues with the report in the report are board issues

    McKeon: asked board what they would like to see changed in the report;

    Hawkins: asks for changes,

    Walker: would like to see the language changed from violation to negligence because he feels that the trip chaperones did the best they could with the best they had - there wasn’t any intent

    Hawkins: calls for obections

    Bernstrom: states he had taken into account that we agreed on that earlier

    McKeon: asks if the board would like the report revised

    Walker: states the changes are internal

    Hawkins: states he is confident in McKeon’s ability to change; states that this report is for the school

    Brown: question if the language would be changed for all policy violations in the report

    McKeon: restated that he found that in all charges there was not intent

    Hawkins: stated that how he believes how to change something is to get better at it, doesn’t see anything to make a stand on; looking for a motion to see if board is in agreement with report
    Motion for a vote of “I” to see if board is in agreement with report: Walker, second
    Passed: Bernstrom, McKeon, Walker, Johnson, Haynes, Straw,
    Abstain: Brown

    Hawkins: opened discussion to general public and stated that any concerns be brought back to the school

    Dave Lalone: stated that the policy violation about students walking through a bad neighborhood was false, felt there was only one chaperone who left students alone

    Brown: asked Dan if students had stated that they were left alone

    McKeon: stated that yes, students were said they were left alone

-five minute break-

Closed Meeting: 6:46 P.M.

Opened at 7:55 P.M.

V. Adjourn

Motion to adjourn: McKeon, second Johnson
passed unanimously

**c.d recording of board minutes on file at TrekNorth High School

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