TrekNorth School Board Minutes

TrekNorth High School
Board Agenda
March 8, 2005

(Notes taken by Dan McKeon)

Present: Dan Hawkins, Jim Walker, Dan McKeon, Shane Corning, Linda Brown
Tardy: Mark Johnson (6:10), Bob Bernstrom (6:40)
Absent: Erica Haynes, Laura Straw
Guests: Karyn O’Kane, Kari Munson (Business Manager), Mike Munson (Executive Director), Justin Testerman (VOA)

Meeting called to order: 6:05

I. Reading: Dan Hawkins; next reading assigned to Shane Corning

II. Amend consent agenda for 2/8/05:

  1. budget additions rather than projections

III. Approval of Board Minutes from February 15th, 2005

  1. request from L. Brown to receive minutes further in advance
    Changes to minutes:
  2. pg. 2 = McKeon asked if board would like report revised rather than “the revised report”.
  3. Change record of vote regarding board’s acceptance of McKeon’s report, L. Brown voted to abstain
    Walker motions to approve minutes, second Johnson

IV. Open Forum:

V. Consent Agenda:

  1. Kari Munson explains expenses of previous month, check register, cash flow, budget for March actuals.
  2. Kari Munson proposes continuation of SPED contract with Bruce Seal. Motion by Jim to accept second by Linda Brown. Unanimous vote.

VI. New Business (Bob takes over notes)

Mike Munson proposes two items be added to this agenda. These are 1) EdVisions with Justin Testerman and 2) Karyn O’Kane’s complaint to the board regarding lay-off. Clarification of Karyn O’Kane issue addressed by Jim Walker and Dan Hawkins. Mike has written response; note report. Karen prefers oral response; note sound studio file. Question and answer by board members. Jim Walker questions conflict of interest for closed meeting: Erica Haynes, Dan McKeon are concerns for Karyn O’Kane.

Jim Walker makes a motion that when we review this issues in closed session that Erica will be requested to be closed out of the meeting because of concerns stated by Karyn O’Kane. Mike Munson states that Erica Haynes has personnel role at TrekNorth. Jim withdraws motion as stated. Dan Hawkins proposes closed session next Tuesday. Set up for motion at that time in open session that preceeds the closed meeting.

Justin Testerman. VOA report. Mike Munson presents written Q2 report to board. He asks for feedback or commentary. Justin addresses feedback of VOA report; note Sound Studio file.

Mark Johnson leaves at 7:40 pm.

Mike Munson states that he has hired consultation from Innovative designs Inc. with Rod Haenke.

EdVisions and Build-Out issue request on agenda for next Tuesday open session per Munson request.

Meeting closed ~8:00 P.M.

Meeting reopened ~8:25 P.M.

Adjourn then reopen for brief closed meeting

Walker motion to adjourn, second


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