TrekNorth School Board Minutes

TrekNorth High School
Board Agenda
March 15, 2005

Present: D. Hawkins, D. McKeon, B.Bernstrom, E. Haynes, M. Johnson, S. Corning, J. Walker
Absent: L. Brown
Guests: M. Munson

Called to order: 6:08 P.M.

I. Open Forum: None

II. Consent Agenda: N/A

III. Old Business

  1. Staff Complaint-
    1. Letter from K. O’Kane- Add. D
      Concensus: Honor O’Kane’s request to inquire the staff performance evaluation process and accept her written letter
      Motion to accept written letter, create a committee to look at process of administration (evaluation), create a grievance policy, create communication to investigate/report at her specific request: Walker, second Johnson
      Pass: Haynes, McKeon, Corning, Johnson, Walker
      Abstain: Bernstrom
      *Committee: M. Johnson, J. Walker, D. Hawkins: to report findings to board at April meeting
      Motion that Mike Munson’s action is consistent with our policy as incorporated: Walker, second Haynes
      passed unanimously

IV. New Business

  1. Letter from Justin Testerman- Add. A
    Consensus: create a committee to research concerns in letter, create options, to address all after more informed
    Committee: Walker (chair), Haynes, Hawkins, Corning, McKeon
    *Request prepared for April meeting
  2. EdVision:
    Munson informed the board on the status of the last payment ($50,000)
    Status: G. Sand believes we do not fit the model and is requesting we not
    receive the final payment.
  3. Build-Out: Add. B.
    Debriefing of new changes of the school’s interior- presentation by Munson
    Motion for Executive Director to go forward with proposals to remodel school: Corning, second McKeon
    passed uanimous
  4. Gideon’s proposal:
    Request for Gideon’s to distribute propaganda outside of TrekNorth High School:
    Motion to allow Gideon’s to handout religious material for one day with advance notice: Bernstrom, second Johnson
    Pass: McKeon, Corning, Bernstrom, Johnson, Walker
    Abstain: Haynes
  5. Board training session: erica haynes- Add. C
    concensus: Schedule training in May or June, send board member to
    MACS training
  6. annual meeting erica haynes
    Seeking legal council, seeking nominations at next board meeting
  7. board vacancy
    Concensus: leave vacancy open and fill in May at elections

V. Adjourn

Motion to adjourn meeting: haynes, second McKeon
passed unanimously
8:25 P.M.

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