TrekNorth School Board Minutes

TrekNorth High School
Board Minutes
May 10, 2005

Present: Dan Hawkins, Bob Bernstrom, Shane Corning, Linda Brown, Erica Haynes
Absent: Dan McKeon (school trip), Jim Walker, Mark Johnson
Guests: Julia Conlon, Barb Houg

Meeting Called to Order: 6:10 P.M.

I. Reading: Linda Brown

II. Board Minutes

  1. Friday, April 29, 2005
  2. April 12, 2005
  3. April 19, 2005
  4. Motion to add April 26, 2005 to minutes for review

    Motion to accept April 26, 2005 with amended changes:
    Barb Houg to guest list
    Shane Corning to Present Member list
    Motion made by: Brown, second Corning:
    Passed unanimous
    Motion to approve April 19, 2005 board minutes: Corning, second Hawkins
    Passed unanimous

III. Consent Agenda - Julia Conlon, finance committee

  1. Cash Flow:
  2. Audit Engagement: Julia Conlon
    1. Contract with Miller, McDonald for the 04-05 audit
      Motion to approve consent agenda items a, b: Haynes, second Brown
      Passed unanimously
  3. Budget Approval 2005-2006:
    Motion to approve 05-06 as approved by finance committee: Corning, second Brown
    Passed unanimously

IV. Old Business:

  1. Report from ED committee:
    1. General report on behalf of committee: D. Hawkins:
      Where the committee is at: the concerns are with Carver, is it possible to have a part-time director; problematic areas: aren’t any clear policies, need to direct staff to create policy and be sure all staff/board members know what policies are; he believes the Carver will work, yet we need clear end policies and expectations to alleviate problems; we will stick with the part-time director model, perhaps in the future will go to a full-time; the school is making progress, need to use the carver model correctly; concern- if we bring a new person in, change the structure might start the whole system over
  2. Board Policies:
    1. Postpone discussion indefinitely

V. New Business

  1. Annual Meeting: Election:
    1. Results of Election:
      1. 58 votes were returned:
      2. Motion to appoint Dan McKeon: Bernstrom, second Haynes
        Passed unanimous
      3. Motion to appoint Shane Corning: Bernstrom, second Brown
        Passed unanimous
      4. Motion to appoint Adam Hughes: Corning, second Brown
        Passed unanimous
      5. Motion to appoint Julia Conlon: Haynes, second Corning
        Passed unanimous
      6. Motion to appoint Lisa Peterson: Haynes, second Brown
        Passed unanimous
  2. Open House: Board Member Monday, May 16, 2005 7 P.M.
    1. Present: Julia Conlon
  3. VOA letter- response to quarter three report
    1. Discussion of letter
  4. Letter to Matt Entenza: Bob Bernstrom will reply to Matt Entenza
  5. Director Compensation
    1. Postpone discussion indefinitely
  6. Board training
    1. Registered: Wednesday June 8, 2005: 8 A.M.; Bemidji Country Club

VI. Adjourn

  1. Motion to adjourn: Brown, second Corning
    Passed unanimous

There will not be a second meeting in the month of May.

*Audio on file at TNHS


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