TrekNorth School Board Minutes

TrekNorth Board Meeting
June 8, 2004

Present: D. Hawkins, M. Johnson, D. McKeon, L. Straw, J. Benner, E. Haynes, L. Brown, B. Bernstrom, J.Walker
Visitors: Kari Munson

I. Reading J. Benner, next B. Bernstrom

II. Open Forum:

III. Consent Agenda:

Budget: Kari Munson:
Motion to approve amended 03-04 budget: McKeon, second Bernstrom
passed unanimous
Motion to move general revenue fund (01) to food services fund (02) to cover lunch deficit up to $38, 000: Straw, second Brown
passed unanimous
Motion to approve amended budget for 04-05 with an added $3600 for Board Training: Haynes, second Benner

IV. Old Business:

A. Approval of Ends Policy
Motion to adopt Sections III, IV in the Ends Policy: Walker, second McKeon
passed: McKeon, Walker, Haynes, Benner, Bernstrom; abstained: Brown, Straw

V. New Business:

A. Approval of Auditor letters
Motion to approve the auditor’s contract: Benner, second McKeon
passed unanimous

VI. Adjourn

Motion to adjourn: Haynes, second Benner


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