TrekNorth School Board Minutes

TrekNorth Board Meeting
August 10, 2004

Called to order: 6:10 P.M.

Present: B.Bernstrom, L. Straw, J. Walker, M. Johnson, D. McKeon, E. Haynes, D. Hawkins, L. Brown, J. Benner

Guests: Vicki Ross-Rhoades, Kari Munson, Mike Munson

I. Reading by Bob Bernstrom, next reading assigned to _________________

II. Approval of Board Minutes

A. May 11, 2004
Motion to approve the 05.11.04 minutes: Benner, second McKeon
passed unanimous

B. June 08, 2004
Motion to approve the minutes: Johnson, second Haynes:
passed unanimous

C. June 17, 2004
Motion to approve the minutes: Straw, second Bernstrom
passed unanimous

D. June 30, 2004
Add the word “provide” in the second motion, second line, “Fail to *provide* the students....”
Motion to approve the minutes: Bernstrom, second McKeon
passed unanimous

E. July 13, 2004
Motion to approve the minutes: Straw, second Johnson
passed unanimous

F. July 20, 2004
Amend the minutes to read “also present” instead of “ex- officio”
Motion to accept the corrected minutes from July 20, 2004
Benner, second Johnson
passed unanimous

G. Minutes from meetings January -April need to be signed by clerk

III. Consent agenda

A. approval of checks
Discussion postponed until 08.17.04
Request from board that Kari, Business Manager, seek information regarding checks and cash flow charts from outside sources for next

B. designate check signers
Motion to approve Dan McKeon, Bob Bernstrom, and Linda Brown as Munson’s appointed check signers: Haynes, second Johnson
passed unanimous

C. designate official depository
Motion to stay with First National Bank: Benner, second Brown
passed unanimous

D. designate official newspaper
Motion to approve the Bemidji Pioneer as official newspaper: McKeon, second Haynes
passed unanimous

E. electronic payment for computer loan approval
Motion to approve the electronic payment process for any payment authorized by the director: Straw, second Johnson
passed unanimous

F. asset threshold setting:
Motion to accept Munson’s recommendation for $500 asset threshold
setting: Benner, second Brown
passed unanimous

G. MSBA PEERNet subscription
discussion postponed until 08.17.04

IV. Old Business

A. Motion to form a committee to review all policies set by the board before the Carver Model: Straw, second McKeon
passed unanimous
Committee: Bob Bernstrom, Erica Haynes, Dan McKeon

B. Motion to form a committee to research the compatibility between Carver Model and state legislature: Haynes, second Bernstrom
passed unanimous
Committee: Jim Walker, Linda Brown, Laura Straw

V. New Business

A. budget modification: transfer $19,000 from trip fund to employ an event coordinator
Motion to transfer funds from trip fund to salary fund: Bernstrom,
second Walker
pass: Bernstrom, Walker, Johnson, McKeon: 4 votes,
against: Brown, Straw: 2, abstain Haynes, Benner: 2

B. letter from Justin Testerman to Dan Hawkins regarding the Quarter Three Report:
moved to 08.17.04

C. Vicki Holland: fundraising/ community service events
moved to 08.17.04

D. Amazon refund check: Bob Bernstrom
moved to 08.17.04

E. Online purchasing by TN staff: Bob Bernstrom
moved to 08.17.04

F. designate new treasurer: Jean Benner
moved to 08.17.04

VI. Adjourn

Motion to adjourn: Haynes, second Brown
passed unanimous
9:00 P.M.


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