TrekNorth School Board Minutes

TrekNorth Board Meeting
September 14, 2004
Board Agenda
*note: The September 14, 2004 meeting was cancelled due to the primary elections.

Present: L. Straw, L. Brown, J. Walker, E. Haynes, D. Hawkins
Absent: D. McKeon, M. Johnson
Visitors: Justin Testerman (VOA), Mike Munson (Director of TNHS), Kari Munson
(business manager TNHS)
Tardy: B. Bernstrom

Meeting called to order: 6:05 P.M.

I. Reading: next reading assigned to Erica Haynes

II. Approval of Board Minutes:

Motion to approve minutes from August 17, 2004: Haynes, second Straw
passed unanimous

III. Consent agenda: Kari Munson

*Addendum A
A. Cash flow
B. Expenditure/ Revenues
C. Cash Register
Motion to approve the consent agenda items: Haynes, second Linda

IV. Old Business

A. Board Terms: erica
Two year terms:
Shane Corning, Linda Brown, Bob Bernstrom, Jim Walker, Dan Hawkins
One year terms:
Mark Johnson, Laura Straw, Dan McKeon, Erica Haynes

V. New Business

A. fundraising/ special events: Vicki Holland
*Addendum B
B. Teacher nomination: Shane Corning
Motion to appoint Shane Corning to the board: Haynes, second Walker
passed unanimous
C. Credit Policy: Munson
Motion to approve credit policy: Brown, second McKeon
passed unanimous
*attached to minutes
D. Annual Report Revised: Munson
discussion postponed indefinitely
*Addendum C
E. Proposal to modify budget regarding food service: Munson
postponed indefinitely
*Addendum D
F. Report from Legal Liability Committee: Brown, Straw, Walker
postponed indefinitely

VI. Adjourn

Motion to adjourn the meeting: McKeon, second Haynes
passed unanimous

Credit Policy:

TrekNorth will award a minimum of 1/2 credit for completion of specific academic standards as prescribed by MN Graduation Standards. Seminars in which standards are obtained in a single quarter will be valued as 1/2 credit. Seminars in which standards are obtained over the course of two quarters (1 semester) will be valued as 1 full credit. Seminars in which standards are obtained over 3 quarters (1 1/2 semester) will be valued at 1.5 credits. Seminars in which standards are obtained over the course of a full academic year will be valued at 2 credits. Independent study scenarios and alternative credit acquisition will be awarded credit value according to the discretion of the supervising teacher.

Because circumstances will arise in which students are unable to acquire specific standards because they are pursuing an advanced course of study (ie. Advanced Placement and PSEO), the school shall allow students to waive certain standards in favor of advanced studies as allowed by the Minnesota Graduation Standards. Under this provision, TrekNorth may allow students to test-out of a required seminar and it's integrated standard in favor of an advanced course of study.


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