TrekNorth School Board Minutes

TrekNorth High School
Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
February 14, 2006

Meeting called to order: 6:11 p.m.
Board Present: Julia Conlon, Lisa Peterson, Jim Lubke, Shane Corning, Dan McKeon, Jim Walker, Dan Hawkins
Absent, excused: Bob Bernstrom
Late: Mike Munson
Staff guests: Michelle Neal, Chance Adams

Welcome and Call to Order at 6:15pm
Reading of the Mission Statement:
“Preparing young people to make a positive difference in their local and global communities.”

M/S/C Motion to move the management team report on addition of Jr. High to the start of the meeting. McKeon, Lubke
Motion carries unanimously

I. Management Team report on addition of Jr. High – Michelle Neal

Neal reported on the progress she has made in laying out the groundwork for the addition of junior high grade levels and distributed the report she sent to Justin Testerman. VOA wants a more complete plan and answers to specific questions. Lubke volunteered to take a leadership role in developing answers and planning and Chance Adams will assist.

II. Presentation of Vertical Curriculum Alignment – Mike Munson

Overview of pre-AP and AP, how it works and benefits students. Nice work and valuable insights – thanks Munson!
M/S/C Motion to accept resolution in support of adding a Junior High to TrekNorth High School to: add enrollment and enhance retention; to meet academic goals and develop a learning culture; and, as a mechanism for implementing our strategic plan. Hawkins, Corning
Motion carries unanimously

III. Management Team Report

  • Regular Mgmt Team Business (not discussed)
    • Handout of Management Team Report

IV. Consent Agenda (Approval of the Following Items)

  • Minutes from Jan 10, 2006 Board meeting
  • Approval of December Financial Statements
  • Approval of Andy Wiggins contract
  • Approval of the Accounting Manual

M/S/C Motion to approve consent agenda items. McKeon, Hawkins
Motion carries unanimously

V. Strategic Planning Draft Revision

Review of TrekNorth vision and mission statements and evaluation of possible more concise versions written by Rod Haenke. The Board agreed that the current working version of the mission statement loses some important emphasis in the more concise versions.
M/S/C Motion to accept approved working versions of vision and mission statements. Munson, Lubke
Motion carries unanimously

Review of Academic Goals
Revise as follows:

  • All students will show improvement on standardized tests and other school-based measures
  • TrekNorth students will score at or above state averages as indicated by performance on MCA test.
  • All students will achieve at least one grade level improvement in reading and mathematics skills as measured by a nationally-normed accredited test. Additional support for students will be provided for those who don’t achieve that level in a timely fashion within that same academic year and/or summer school.
  • [bullet four remains written in the draft]
  • Enrollment in AP courses will increase; test scores will show annual steady growth; and, by 2008 school averages will be at or above state averages.

M/S/C Motion to amend goals. Hawkins, Munson
Motion carries unanimously

VI. Resolution to allow the Business Manager to transfer money

M/S/C Motion to allow the Business Manager to transfer money between business checking and check card account for travel purposes. Hawkins, Luebke

IV. Adjournment- Motion to adjourn. McKeon, Hawkins.

The board will reconvene on Tuesday, February 21, 2006 at 6:00 pm

Submitted by Lisa Peterson Secretary/Treasurer


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