TrekNorth School Board Minutes

TrekNorth High School
Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
February 21, 2006

Board Present: Julia Conlon, Lisa Peterson, Jim Lubke, Mike Munson, Dan McKeon
Absent: Bob Bernstrom
Late: Jim Walker
Late, excused: Dan Hawkins, Shane Corning
MT/Staff: Kari Munson

Formal Agenda - Continued from Feb. 14 meeting
Welcome and Call to Order at 6:07pm
Recognition of Kari Munson and the TrekNorth Finance Award

M/S/C Motion to add the Organizational Assessment discussion to the agenda. Peterson, Lubke
Motion carries unanimously.

  • The assessment handout was reviewed.

M/S/C Motion to delay participating in the Organizational Assessment for one year or until February/March of ’07. Munson, McKeon
Motion carries unanimously.

I. New Business

  • Board training and handout with dates for sessions was reviewed. Kari will continue to include information about upcoming opportunities in the board packets.
  • Report on management team performance from Evaluation Committee
    • The process has been somewhat unsettled as a result of the changes to the membership of the Management Team. Assessment needs to be delayed for fairness due to the lack of a list of objective points on which to be evaluated; a tool needs to be developed in a format that can be followed. Board Chair Conlon recommends that goals and objectives must be clarified for the Management Team in a tool that coincides with policies already set forth by the board.
      ACTION: Committee will move forward, report in March (include a draft of the process to be used for director evaluation/monitoring).
  • Management team plans for evaluating staff
    Staff is currently evaluated twice each year. Evaluation documents need to be updated to sync with strategic plan, with stress placed on exceptionally high staff performance standards to meet expectations at TNHS.
  • Justin Testerman, VOA visit
    McKeon outlined responses to questions that were presented to TN by Testerman:
    • Board will draft letter clarifying that original intent rationale for addition of Junior High grades is a way to improve student performance and enhance the culture of learning at TNHS. Enrollment is a side benefit.
    • Regarding test scores, staff will look into different nationally-normed testing instruments and is committed to measurement of growth from year to year.

M/S/C Motion for board resolution: TrekNorth High School, with support of the Board, stands committed to using national testing; MAPS tailored to meeting our needs will be explored, or we will find another test that meets those needs. Hawkins, Munson
Motion carries unanimously.

II. Strategic Plan Draft

M. Munson will revise and edit the draft and present to the Board in March.

III. Leadership – Management Team question response

  1. When will a full time director be in place at TNHS?
    Discussion about how the skills and abilities of Executive Director candidate Margaret Lubke will fit into the new strategic plan and what the gaps in her experience would mean to her tenure.
    M/S/C Motion to hire Margaret Lubke as the Executive Director of TNHS. Hawkins, McKeon
    In favor - McKeon, Corning, Peterson, Conlon, Hawkins
    Opposed – Munson, Walker
    Abstained - Lubke
    Motion carries

    M/S/C Motion to extend meeting to 8:30. Hawkins, McKeon
    Motion carries unanimously

  2. How are management issues going to be addressed in the interim?
  • Direct Dan and Kari to ask other staff for more help
  • Board take on more oversight
  • Contract with M. Lubke to work part time on some of the decision-making items regarding budget, staffing and junior high.

IV. Adjournment 8:30 - Motion to adjourn. Munson, Lubke.

Respectfully submitted,
Lisa Peterson, Secretary/Treasurer


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