TrekNorth School Board Minutes

TrekNorth High School
Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
March 21, 2006

Meeting called to order: 6:07 p.m.
Board Present: Julia Conlon, Lisa Peterson, Dan McKeon, Bob Bernstrom, Jim Lubke, Mike Munson, Shane Corning, Dan Hawkins
Absent: Jim Walker
Staff Present: Kari Munson, MT
Guest Present: Justin Testerman

Welcome and Call to Order
Reading of the Mission Statement

Chair Conlon

I. Management Team

  • Lubke reviewed ongoing work with staffing and scheduling for next year
  • McKeon led discussion about service training for vertical curriculum, public relations and marketing, including upcoming open houses and a presentation with other schools at BSU

M/S/C Motion to make changes to the agenda to add new business items C. marketing and recruitment and D. attendance policy. McKeon, Munson
Motion carries unanimously.

II. Consent Agenda

The Feb. 14 and 21, 2006 minutes, January financial statements, amended teacher contracts and M/S/C Motion to approve consent agenda items. Munson, Hawkins
Motion carries unanimously

III. Old Business

A. Report on Strategic Planning Process by Committee

  • Review and work on Strategic Plan goals

B. Management Team Evaluation Committee Report

  • This is in process

C. Management Team report on addition of Jr. High

  • Testerman reported that general approval has been granted from VOA notwithstanding some concerns about budget and financing and how it effects the fund balance.
  • Discussion about enrollment and financial viability goals as part of strategic planning

D. MDE Training Update

  • K. Munson reported that there is soon to be a week-long director training for new Charter directors, who need to learn about Minnesota regulations. Recommendation for new director to attend

IV. New Business

A. Approval of revised Student Handbook
M/S/C Motion to approve the Student Handbook, adapted with new mission and vision for the remainder of the 2006 school year. McKeon, Munson
Motion carries unanimously

Recommendation that the 2006-07 draft of the handbook be presented at the next board meeting, with Shane leading the revision.

B. March Monitoring

  • Board elections, scheduled to occur in May, were discussed. Terms expiring in ’06 include Hawkins, Bernstrom, Walker, Lubke and Munson. Conlon, Peterson, Corning and McKeon remain. Recruitment of parents needs to begin for non-staff board service and for starting the election process.

C. Marketing and Recruitment

  • After discussion of the need for improvement and a concerted effort in order to increase enrollment numbers, a committee was suggested. Munson, Lubke and Peterson will serve on the Marketing Committee with a recommendation that the school secretary be involved.
    • The school secretary’s responsibilities beyond marketing should include attending board meetings and taking minutes.

D. Attendance Policy

  • McKeon presented a draft of the student council’s attendance policy. This will be covered in depth at the next board meeting.

V. VOA Renewal

  • Renewal due May 1, thanks to a time shift allowed by Testerman
  • For the next board meeting, a draft of the VOA renewal without test scores will be presented


M/S/C Motion to adjourn, Peterson, Corning. Motion carried.

Respectfully submitted,
Lisa Peterson, Secretary/Treasurer


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