TrekNorth School Board Minutes

TrekNorth High School
Board Minutes
June 14, 2005

Present: Dan Hawkins, Jim Walker, Julia Colon, Lisa Peterson, Linda Brown
Absent: Dan McKeon, Bob Bernstrom, Shane Corning, Adam Hughes
Staff Present: Mike Munson, Kari Munson, Erica Haynes
Guests: Vicki Ross-Rhoades, Laura Straw

Meeting Called to order: 6:10 pm

I. Reading: N/A, next reading Dan Hawkins

II. Board Minutes

  1. May 10, 2005
    Motion to approve minutes as presented: Lisa, second Julia.
    Passed Unanimously

III. Open Forum

  1. Vicki Ross-Rhodes
    letter to the Board, Discussion
  2. Laura Straw
    Reconsider a full-time director, don’t wait a year to evaluate this decision. Keeping up on admin issues, oversight of staff, communication/legal/money

IV. Consent Agenda

  1. Due to time constraint of meeting, consent agenda will be addressed at
    June 21, 2005 meeting.
  2. Need more available signers during summer
    Motion to add Julia Conlon as check signer: Linda, second Jim.
    Passed Unanimously
  3. Secretary for the board
    Kari will take board minutes, get them to Erica to prepare board packets out to board members one week before meetings. Erica will be paid on an hourly, secretarial wage to put packets together for board.
    Motion to pay Erica Haynes to put board packets together hourly secretarial wage: Linda, second Julia.
    Passed Unanimously

V. Old Business

  1. Construction project- in progress, should be ready for summer school

VI. New Business

  1. Learning Year Program School, approved by MDE
    Summers school-credit catch-up, credit enhancement, trip included.
  2. School secretary/registrar: Kirby Ganske
  3. Contract with VOA
    Board review document and be ready to sign and approve June 21, 2005 meeting
  4. Justin Testerman Letter
    * Designated board contact
    * Governance policies
    * Admin job descriptions
    * Monitoring policies
    Needs reply by June 24, 2005
    Dan and Jim will draft letter to Justin for approval June 21, 2005 meeting
  5. Carver model training
    Dan called for hire of Barb Houg as consultant for board training.
    Motion to Hire Barb Houg as Board consultant for training in 2005-06 fiscal year; Jim, second Lisa.
    Four In favor: Jim, Dan, Lisa, Julia , One abstained: Linda
  6. Preliminary budget Review
    Hire a custodian for 3-4 hours per day
  7. Executive director
    Mike is stuggling with the decision of being director or teacher
    He does not want to be a full time director.

VII. Next Meeting

  1. Election of board Officers
  2. Set calendar for training
  3. Consent agenda
  4. Contract with VOA

VIII. Adjourn

Motion to adjourn: Linda, second Lisa
Passed unanimously

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