TrekNorth School Board Minutes

TrekNorth High School
Board Minutes
July 12, 2005

Called to order 6:00 p.m.
Present: Dan Hawkins, Shane, Julia Adam, Lisa
Late: Bob 6:05 p.m. , Jim 6:18 p.m.
Absent: Linda
Guest: Erica, left at 8:10 p.m.

I. Consent agenda

Motion to approve financial statement, Julia second Dan
Passed unanimously

II. Approval of minutes, June 21, 2005

Motion to approve the minutes of June 21, 29005 Dan, second Lisa
Passed unanimously

III. Old Business

  1. Election of officers
    1. Chair
      Nomination Julia Conlon, Lisa Peterson
      Call for vote by Chair
      Votes: Julia 4, Lisa 3
      Julia Conlon
    2. Secretary/Treasurer
      Nomination for Lisa Peterson, Dan McKeon, Bob Bernstrom
      Dan steps down from Nomination
      Call for vote by chair
      Votes: Lisa 4, Bob 4
      Revote: Lisa 7, Bob 1
      Lisa Peterson
    3. Sponsor contact
      Motion that the Board Chair be the contact person with sponsor: Lisa, second Jim
      Passed unanimously
    4. Clerical position no need to motion because of Sec/Treasurer job description in board packet- elected secretary will work with Erica (board hired archivist)

IV. New Business

  1. Response to sponsor VOA
    Motion to approve the contract with VOA as signed by Mike on July 5, 2005 Jim, second Julia
    Passed unanimously
  2. Postpone amending 05-06 budget Lease Aid
  3. Budgetary recommendation to support full-time director
    Discussion on options presented by Mike Munson (ex. Director)
    Motion to rescind previous motion to hire full time director for this year. Adam, Shane second
    Vote: In favor: Adam Hughes, Shane Corning
    Opposed: Julia Conlon, Lisa Peterson, Dan McKeon, Dan Hawkins, Bob Bernstrom, Jim Walker


Motion to extend the meeting to 8:30. Lisa, second McKeon
Vote: In favor, Dan, Dan, Shane, Julia, Lisa, Adam, Bob
Opposed, Jim

Motion to approve Option One, including benefits, if we can get someone for less, great! Julia, second Walker
Vote: In favor: Dan, Dan, Julia, Lisa, Jim, Bob
Opposed: Shane, Adam

Motion that the current director forms a management team from current staff to help him and a possible interim director in the transition process to a permanent director. Julia, second Shane


Amended motion to read “transition team” in place of “management team”, Julia, second Shane

Revised Motion Julia, second Dan
Motion that the current director forms a transition team from current staff to help him and a possible interim director in the transition process to a full-time permanent director. After a permanent director is hired he or she shall bring a management plan to the board within a three-month period of time that will address checks & balances, conflict resolution, and staffing issues.
Vote: In favor: Bob, Shane, Lisa, Dan, Julia, Dan
Obstain: Jim, Adam

V. Motion to Adjourn, Adam, Second Lisa

Passed Unanimously

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