TrekNorth School Board Minutes

TrekNorth High School
Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
October 11, 2005

Meeting called to order: 6:10
Board Present: Julia Conlon, Lisa Peterson, Dan Hawkins, Dan McKeon, Bob Bernstrom, Shane Corning, Jim Lubke, Mike Munson
Board Absent: Jim Walker

Guests: Kari Munson (Business Manager), Mary Gish (Finance Committee Member), Justin Testerman (VOA)

Formal Agenda
Welcome and introductions were done for guests
Reading of the Mission Statement: “Preparing young people to make a positive difference in their local and global communities.”

Issue: Consent Agenda (Approval of the Following Items)
15 minutes
  • Minutes from Sept. 13, 2005 Board meeting
  • September Financial Statement
  • Administrative contracts revision (Kari & Kirby)
  • Janitorial Contract
  • Scantron
    M/S/C Motion to accept consent agenda Hawkins, second McKeon
    Motion carries unanimously

II. Old Business

A. Gym Space Update

  • Supt. Letter regarding facilities use/Boys & Girls Club
    10 minutes

Letter read by Julia from Tammi Rodgers to Jim Hess, Supt. of ISD #31
Response Letter read by Julia from Jim Hess.
M/S/C Motion for Dan McKeon to pursue recreational opportunities at BSU, Munson, second Hawkins
Motion carries unanimously.

B. Report on Collaboration/Merger with Voyageurs
10 minutes

McKeon and Munson reported that the two committees from Trek and Voyageurs have met 6 times. There has been some forward movement but there is not clear consensus on whether to form a formal collaboration or a merger. At the last meeting there was a suggestion of a merger and renaming of the new entity. There also has been talk of keeping the two buildings and using one as a junior high and the other as a high school.

M/S/C Motion for the current collaboration committee to add the task of writing a draft expansion proposal to add a 7th and 8th grade to the curriculum for next school year and present at the next board meeting. Munson, second McKeon
Motion carries unanimously.

III. New Business

A. VOA Representative Justin Testerman
15 Minutes

Justin presented VOA accountability and oversight system draft. It is a tool that VOA has developed to help evaluate the student’s progress and outcomes, Board governance, student, teacher and parent satisfaction. VOA has revised their reporting requirement to a semi-annual schedule and will be doing site visits twice per year. Justin will be doing Treks site visit on December 13.

B. October Monitoring
30 minutes

04 - 05 Auditor’s Financial Report
Don Zierke from Miller McDonald, Erickson, and Moller, LTD. Presented 04-05 Financial Audit. Trek ended the 2005 school year with a $415,000 fund balance. This represents a 3.5 month reserve and is in line with what other small school districts have as reserves.

M/S/C Motion to accept 04-05 Financial Audit, Peterson, second Bernstrom
Motion carries unanimously

C. Proposed 2005 – 2006 Budget Revision and New Director Contract Negotiation.

Kari handed out two revised annual budget scenarios projecting ADM at 120. The current approved budget shows ADM at 150. Trek will not get the Ed Visions grant this year, and has applied for some settlement money from Microsoft and is waiting to hear on the Q-comp proposal to the state. This represents a significant change to the budget and there are too many unknown variables at this time to make a decision on how to handle the director contract negotiations without more solid information.

M/S/C Motion to continue discussion about budget and director contract negotiations until Oct.24, 6:00 McKeon, second Lubke


M/S/C Motion to adjourn, McKeon, second Hawkins. Motion carried.

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