TrekNorth School Board Minutes

TrekNorth High School
Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
November 15, 2005

Meeting called to order: 6:04
Board Present: Jim Lubke, Bob Bernstrom, Mike Munson, Lisa Peterson, Julia Conlon, Dan Mckeon
Board Late: Jim Walker (6:10), Dan Hawkins (6:25)
Board Absent unexcused: Shane Corning
Guests: Kari Munson (Business Manger), Scott Anderson,(director SCL)

Formal Agenda

Welcome and introductions were done for guests
Reading of the Mission Statement: “Preparing young people to make a positive difference in their local and global communities.”

Schoolcraft Learning Community Director, Scott Anderson - Regarding Community Activity Space.
20 minutes
Presentation on efforts made to challenge the Boys and girls club contract with ISD regarding the use/rental of the facility to charter schools. What can we as TrekNorth do? Can we act collectively, establishing a next best move as a group of schools together.

Effective Board Discussion - Presentation by Barb Houg
Tabled until Dec 6, Board retreat-6:00

Set Date for Barb to With Board on defining the Ends Policies.
Will set date on Dec 6

Issue: Consent Agenda (Approval of the Following Items)
10 minutes

  • Minutes from Oct 11, 2005 Board meeting
  • Minutes from Oct. 24, 2005 Special meeting
  • October Financial Statement
    M/S/C motion to approve consent agenda, Peterson, second Mckeon
    Motion carried unanimously


  1. Approval of Loan payoff for the Vans Approx. $20,000
    10 minutes
    M/S/C motion to Payoff vans, Munson, second Lubke
    Motion carried unanimously
  2. Approval of Loan pay-down and refinancing of Computers $90,000
    10 minutes
    M/S/C motion to pay-down $90000 and refinance remainder of Computer loan debt over 21 months. Mckeon, second Hawkins
    Motion carried unanimously
  3. Committee Report on Trek/Voyageurs Merger
    Memo attached from MT 11/15/05
  4. Committee Report on addition of Jr. High
    Memo attached from MT 11/15/05, More details from MT at next regular month board meeting


  1. November Monitoring Report- Annual Report- Mike Munson
    Discussion regarding school assets and risk behavior assets, what are we doing, what can we do to help in reduce the risk behavior assets in our students.
    M/S/C motion to accept the November monitoring report and annual report as presented by Mike Munson Peterson, second Hawkins
    Motion carried unanimously
  2. Approval of spending Board Development $ to pay travel costs for New
    Director to Visit for a week in late November. (approx. $300 airfare)
    Memo attached from MT
    M/S/C motion to approve Margarat Lubke visit to Treknorth. Treknorth will pay airfare. approx $300. Peterson, second Hawkins
    Motion carried unanimously
    Lubke recuse
  3. Board Decision on Additional Insurance Coverage
    M/S/C motion to not purchase the additional insurance coverage with IPS/ Fin committee recommendation from 10/04. Mckeon, second Bernstrom
    Motion carried unanimously


Motion to adjourn Munson, second Lubke: 8:05
Motion carried unanimously

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