TrekNorth School Board Minutes

TrekNorth High School
Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
December 13, 2005

Meeting called to order: 6:08
Board Present: Julia Conlon, Bob Bernstrom, Lisa Peterson, Jim Lubke, Shane Corning, Jim Walker, Dan McKeon, Dan Hawkins, Mike Munson

Staff guests: Erica Haynes, Chad Macheel, Chance Adams
Other guests: Justin Testerman, Margaret Lubke de Arce, Debra Carlson-Doom, Barb Houg

Formal Agenda

Welcome and Call to Order
Reading of the Mission Statement: “Preparing young people to make a positive difference in their local and global communities.”

Management Team (MT) requested to be put on the agenda to give a MT report each month

Report from Management Team- Handed out from MT for board review. Cover report in addition to Management Team Minutes 11/3/05-12/12/05.

Moved item III .part D to start of meeting, no objections

D. Amendment to Board Governance Policies
On December 6, 2006 board member gathered for a retreat with Barb Houg to review and make changes to the Governance Process policies. Handouts and discussion revolved around suggested meeting rules and fist-to-five consensus-building. Fist to five will be used as a discussion facilitator only.

M/S/C Motion to approve the amendments to the Board Governance Process policies. McKeon, second Peterson
Motion carries unanimously

Issue: Consent Agenda (Approval of the Following Items)

  • Minutes from Nov 15, 2005 Board meeting
  • November Financial Statement/attached

M/S/C Motion to approve consent agenda. McKeon, second Hawkins
Motion carries unanimously

II. Old Business

  1. Report on Collaboration/Merger with Voyageurs
    Handout- MTM response to this Items IIA and IIB on agenda,
    McKeon gave an explanation of what has happened with meeting with Voyageurs. M. Munson addressed the issue of long term plans need to be made. McKeon spoke from the MT that we need target goals to work towards. Julia suggested the possibility of hiring an outside consultant to help with accomplishing TN vision and needs. Justin Testerman expressed need for setting outcomes, before the means to get there. Set the strategic ends and then look into the merger as a way to get there.
    Suggestions were made to let a subcommittee continue with momentum toward the merger and what would the merger look like, come with the details, and let the board concentrate what TN needs to the do to get its business in order.

    M/S/C Motion to pursue hiring Jean Larson to see if she would be willing to facilitate a strategic planning session in January. Peterson, second Hawkins

    Does it have to be Jean Larson? Authorize a committee to set date and find a consultant.
    Amended motion:
    M/S/C Motion to Form a committee who will find an appropriate facilitator for the strategic planning process to be conducted as soon as possible. Peterson, second Hawkins
    Motion carries unanimously

    Committee formed: Mike Munson, Jim Lubke, Julia Conlon

  2. Management Team report on addition of Jr. High
    Erica Harmsen, passed out handout addressing details requested from Board at last board meeting.

    In light of last discussion regarding strategic planning, put this item off until later date, part of the long term planning. Lubke addressed need to not put this off. Will be continued discussion at next reg. board meeting.

  3. Q-Comp
    Finance committee recommendation on Dec 6, 2005. see attached

III. New Business

  1. VOA Representative Justin Testerman Site Visit
    Handout – MT response to VOA’s response to the annual report
    Justin explained his day, what he saw was positive. Students engaged, organized classroom setting, teachers available. Constructive criticism: more color, order (example broken chairs, cleanliness). TN is a good school. Great emphasis on the need for a strategic plan from the Board in order to work towards making TN a great school.

  2. Financial Resolution for Yellow Medicine Bank
    After paying down the computer loan and refinancing the remainder of the loan, it is necessary to pass a new commercial note modification agreement and corporate authorization resolution. Kari read documents, attached.
    M/S/C Motion to accept the resolution from Yellow Medicine as read by Kari, adding Bob Bernstrom, Dan Mckeon as additional signers.
    Hawkins, second Bernstrom
    Motion carries unanimously

  3. Security State Bank/ New signers
    In reference to Audit management letter (2004-2005 audit) #6, bank accounts, Kari Munson, business manager, should not have signing privileges on bank accounts.
    M/S/C Motion to amend the corporate authorization resolution at Security State Bank. Check signers at security state bank, Dan Mckeon, Bob Bernstrom, Julia Conlon, Lisa Peterson
    Hawkins, second Corning
    Motion carries unanimously


M/S/C Motion to adjourn 8:15 p.m. Hawkins, second J. Lubke
Motion carries unanimously

Minutes respectfully submitted by Kari Munson


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