TrekNorth School Board Minutes

TrekNorth High School
Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
June 12, 2007     

Present: Peterson, Carlson-Doom, Gustafson, Conlon, Hanko, Ray
Absent: Munson, Neal, Walker
Staff: McKeon

Formal Agenda
Welcome and Call to order called to order at  6:25p.m., Conlon

Change to the Agenda, add Contract Approval for Dr. Susan Cutler and for Construction being done by Christensen Construction to the New Business and to table the MAP Report. 

M/S/C Motion to approve Agenda. Carlson-Doom/Gustafson

I.  Consent Agenda

A. Previous Meeting Minutes
B. Board Financials

M/S/C Motion to approve the Consent Agenda. Hanko/Gustafson all in favor

II. Executive Director Report
First Orientation for 07-08 school year on June 11, 2007.  There were 14 students and their families present.  It was a full house and many of the students had good test scores and parents had positive responses to requirements. 

III. Committee Reports
A. Finance Committee

            • M/S/C Motion to accept contract for Miller, McDonald for the 07-08             school year.  Gustafson/Hanko/all in favor
            • M/S/C Motion to accept contract for Kirby Ganske’s contract at $30,000.  Gustafson/Carlson-Doom/all in favor
            • M/S/C Motion to accept contract for Kari Munson contract as Business Manager at $37,350 and Teacher at $3,400.  Peterson/Hanko/All in favor
            • M/S/C Motion to accept contract for Dan McKeon as Executive Director for $53,000 and Teacher at $4,587.50 Hanko/Ray/All in favor

      IV. New Business


            • M/S/C Motion to accept Dr. Susan Cutler’s Contract for 07-08 School Year as  School Psychologist at $5,000.  Hanko/Carlson-Doom/all in favor
            • M/S/C Motion to ratify sole source selection of Christensen Construction Proposal for special ed room and computer lab at $18,405. Carlson-Doom/Gustafson/all in favor 
            • M/S/C Julia Conlon nominated for Chair.  Peterson/Hanko/all in favor
            • M/S/C Lisa Peterson nominated for Secretary/Treasurer.  Hanko/Gustafson/all in favor
            • Mapp results tabled
            • Move August Meeting to August 21, 2007 at 6:00

      V. Adjournment

       Adjourned at 7:20 p.m.
      Respectfully submitted, Michelle Neal


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