TrekNorth School Board Minutes

TrekNorth High School
Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
July 11, 2006

Present: J. Walker, L. Peterson, C. Adams, J. Conlon
Absent: M. Neal, J. Hanko, M. Munson, S. Corning
Staff: K. Munson, K. Ganske

Call to Order

Chair Conlon called meeting to order at 6:05 p.m. and read the mission statement.

M/S/C Motion to accept Shane Corning’s resignation;Peterson, Adams, all in favor.

M/S/C Motion to add the approval of tech teacher’s contract and appointment of Deb
Carlson as a board member to New Business;Peterson, Adams, all in favor

I. Consent Agenda

a. June Financial Statements-Kari reported on year end financials

M/S/C Motion to approve consent agenda;Adams, Peterson, all in favor.

II. Old Business

A. Executive Director’s Report
• Enrollment for fall = 149
• Received 6 resumes for E.D., need to appoint hiring committee.
• Everything is good with summer school

III. New Business

  1. Election of Board Officers
    M/S/C Motion to table until next month’s meeting;Peterson, Adams, all in favor

  2. Approval of TrekNorth Job Descriptions
    M/S/C Motion to approve job descriptions;Peterson, Walker, all in favor.

  3. Professional Staff Development Plans
    • Tabled until next board meeting
    • Board members never received information

  4. I.D. of new standing Committee Member
    • Hiring committee formed
    • C. Adams, K. Munson, L. Peterson, J. Conlon, K. Ganske
    • Meeting on Sunday, July 16, 5:00 p.m. at Kari’s house

  5. July Monitoring
    M/S/C Motion to approve J. Conlon and L. Peterson as signers on the bank accounts and
    to remove B. Bernstrom as a signer; Walker, Adams, all in favor.

    M/S/C Motion to approve D. McKeon and C. Adams as signers on the bank accounts;
    Walker, Peterson, all in favor.

    M/S/C Motion to approve K. Munson (Business Manager) as direst deposit, payroll,
    taxes, retirement funds signer; Adams, Peterson, all in favor.

    M/S/C Motion to designate The Pioneer as the official newspaper, First National Bank as
    the official bank and as the official venue for public source of
    information; Peterson, Adams, all in favor.

    M/S/C Motion to approve K.Munson to authorize electronic transfers to Yellow Medicine
    Bank for monthly payments of computers, and to transfer between First National Bank’s
    accounts; Adams, Walker, all in favor.

    M/S/C/ Motion to approve Jeffrey Jones’ contract;Adams, Peterson, all in favor.

  6. Appointment of new board member
    M/S/C Motion to appoint Deborah Doom-Carlson to finish out D. McKeon’s term until
    May of 2007; Walker, Peterson, all in favor.


IV. Finance committee recommendation for vacation back pay

M/S/C Motion to approve vacation pay for days earned before employee procedures
were changed and accured time was not compensated for Kari Munson and Mike Munson
in their roles as business manager and executive director; Walker, Peterson, all in favor.

IV. Adjournment

M/S/C (8:57 p.m.)Peterson, Adams, all in favor

Respectfully submitted,
Kirby Ganske


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