TrekNorth School Board Minutes

TrekNorth High School
Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
August 21, 2007     

Present: Peterson, Carlson-Doom, Gustafson, Conlon, Neal, Munson,
Guests: McKeon, K. Munson,

Formal Agenda
Welcome and Call to order called to order at  7:04p.m., Conlon

I.  Consent Agenda

A. Previous Meeting Minutes
B. Board Financials

M/S/C Motion to approve the Consent Agenda. Carlson-Doom/Gustafson

II. Executive Director Report
Describes the parent and student home visit meetings, orientations, resignations (up to 4), AYP, new application

III. Committee Reports
A. Finance Committee

        • 2007-08 Contracts
        • Audit Reveiw
        • M/S/C Motion to approve Chance Adams, Maria Bernade-Bjorklund, Deborah Carlson-Doom, Talia Debenedet, Alison Drietz, and Diana Eason contracts. Peterson/Gustafson/All in Favor.  Abstain: Carlson-Doom
        • M/S/C Motion to approve Jessica Eng, Kathryn Enright, Kirby Ganske, Kristin Gustafson, Erica Harmsen, Jeffrey Jones, Jennifer Laitala, Greg Moen, Daniel McKeon, Mike Munson contracts. Carlson-Doom/Peterson/All in favor.  Abstain: Mike Munson
        • M/S/C Motion to approve Michelle Neal, Lydia O’Beirne, Russel Perrson, Jennifer Roy, Andy Wiggins, Rhonda Wookey contracts. Carlson-Doom/Gustafson/All in Favor. Abstain: Neal
        • M/S/C Motion to approve the transfer from fund 01 to fund 02 for the lunch balance deficit of $7,939.52. Carlson-Doom/Munson/All in favor.
        • M/S/C Finance committee is recommending that the liability coverage stay at 2 million dollars. Munson/Gustafson/All in Favor
        • M/S/C Motion to approve a two year contract with Peterson’s Sheet Metal. Peterson/Gustafson/All in Favor
        • M/S/C Motion to renew the PSEO contract with BSU. Munson/Carlson-Doom/All in Favor
        • M/S/C Motion to approve $20,000 dollars in discretionary funds for facilities and programs for the 07-08 school year from the fund balance. Carlson-Doom/Munson/all in favor.

B. Governance Committee

      • Board vacancy: TJ Ray left the board. The vacancy should be filled.
      • M/S/C Motion to appoint Jennifer Roy to fill the board vacancy left by TJ Ray.  Carlson-Doom/Munson/All in Favor

C. Program Committee

        • Parent & Student Handbook
        • M/S/C Motion to approve Parent and Student Handbook with the changes McKeon has to make.  Munson/Carlson-Doom/All in Favor
        • Staff Handbook
        • M/S/C Motion to approve Staff Handbook with the changes McKeon has to make.  Gustafson/Carlson-Doom/All in Favor
        • Grade Scale Adjustment
        • M/S/C Motion to table the Grade Scale Adjustment to a future meeting. Munson/Gustafson/All in Favor.

IV. New Business

        A. AP Report: Munson
        Munson reports on AP.  The trend appears to be that TrekNorth’s scores are moving up.  Encourages board to set a higher mean.  Summer Institute participation.  Suggestion to pay teachers for review sessions (hourly wage/stipend).  Talks about strategies of accountability for teachers.

        M/S/C Motion to extend the meeting to 9:00. Neal/Carlson-Doom/All in Favor.

        B. MAP Report: McKeon
        McKeon goes over ACT and MAP scores.  ACT scores should be coming out in the Pioneer soon. 

        M/S/C Motion to table the MAP report to a future meeting.  Carlson-Doom/Gustafson/All in Favor

        C. MCA Report: McKeon
        Math test scores are low across the state, but we are struggling a little bit less.  We beat state averages in many categories in the high school.  At the Junior High level we did not do as well. An appeal has been sent to the state to attempt to make AYP.  We are not meeting AYP because of mistakes made by the staff in the participation area.

        D. Board Training Calendar: MSBA, MACS, Strategic Planning
        MACS training are looking good

        E. Approvals: Board signatures for banking, Business Manager for direct deposit, designation of official newspaper and bank, Business Manager to make electronic transfers

        M/S/C Motion to approve Michelle Neal, replacing Chance Adams, Dan McKeon, Lisa Peterson, and Julia Conlon as check signers on all bank accounts.  Gustafson/Munson/All in Favor

        M/S/C Motion to approve the business manager, Kari Munson as direct deposit, des, payroll, taxes, retirement funds signer. Gustafson/Peterson/All in Favor

        M/S/C Motion to designate the Bemidji Pioneer as official newspaper, First National Bank Bemidji and Security Bank as official banks ad depositories, and as the official venue for public source of information.  Peterson/Carlson-Doom/All in Favor

        M/S/C Motion to approve Business Manager to make electronic transfers between First National Bank accounts. Carlson-Doom/Gustafson/All in Favor

        M/S/C Motion to move September’s board meeting to the 18th of September.  Carlson-Doom/Peterson/All in Favor


V. Adjournment

 Adjourned at 8:37 p.m.
Respectfully submitted, Michelle Neal


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