TrekNorth School Board Minutes

TrekNorth High School
Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
September 19, 2006

Present: Munson, Peterson, Conlon, Adams, Carlson-Doom, Hanko, Neal (6:30)
Absent: Walker
Staff: K. Munson, K. Ganske, D. McKeon

Call to Order
Chair Conlon called meeting to order at  6:08 p.m.

I.  Consent Agenda

M/S/C Motion to approve consent agenda. Munson/ Carlson-Doom/ all in favor
M/S/C Motion to approve Executive session minutes . Munson/ Carlson-Doom/ all in favor

II.  Old Business
  Executive Director’s Report

  • 160 plus a few on waiting list
  • Will put in effort to build up waiting list
  • Special Use Permit and Variance have been approved
  • Items of Board interest
    • Annual Report due Oct.1st
    • Visitors on Oct. 10th
    • Dan and Board member to Harbor City for visit
    • Mentor groups/Leadership team started Sept. 19
    • Director Evaluation & Director Board Report

III.  New Business

            A.  Monthly Monitoring
M/S/C Motion to have the Auditors report to the finance committee, and then have the finance committee report to the board, who will vote to approve the annual audit. Hanko/Peterson/all in favor

            B.  MSSHL Resolution

    • No cross country team
    • Stop paying dues

            C.  Aramark Contract
M/S/C Motion to approve contract for Aramark. Carlson-Doom/Munson/all in favor.

            D.  Road Runner Contract
M/S/C Motion to approve Road Runner’s contract. Carlson-Doom/Peterson/all in favor

            E.  Custodial Contract
M/S/C Motion to approve Custodial contract. Munson/Carlson-Doom/all in favor
            F. Student Handbook
M/S/C Motion to approve 2006-07 Student Handbook. Adams/Peterson/all in favor.
            Note: Revision of Open-Campus Policy to be done by the Board in the future.

            G. Staff Contracts
M/S/C Motion to approve D. Ballard, L. O’Beirne, R. Persson, J. Eng,’s  contract. Hanko/Munson/all in favor.

            H. Election of Board Officers
M/S/C Motion to offer a board membership to Kristin Gustafson until May. Neal/Adams/all in favor

M/S/C Motion to nominate J. Conlon for Chair of the Board. Peterson/Hanko/all in favor

M/S/C Motion to nominate L Peterson for Secretary/Treasurer of the Board. Adams/Hanko/all in favor

M/S/C Motion to close nominations.Munson/Adams/all in favor

M/S/C Motion to accept nominations for Board Chair and Secretary. Carlson-Doom/Adams/all in favor

            I. TrekNorth Name

M/S/C Motion to change TrekNorth High School to “TrekNorth Junior & Senior High School”.Adams/Neal/tabled.

Motion has been tabled until next month.

            J. Committees
M/S/C Motion to establish AD HOC committee to make reccomendations regarding board operations and committee structure.Munson/Deb/all in favor.

            AD HOC committee:
            Munson, Hanko, McKeon, Conlon, Carlson-Doom

IV.  Adjournment
M/S/C Motion to adjourn at 8:07 p.m. Munson/Neal/all in favor.

Respectfully submitted, Kirby Ganske


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