TrekNorth School Board Minutes

TrekNorth High School
Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
October 10, 2006     

Present: Munson, Peterson, Conlon, Adams, Carlson-Doom, Hanko, Neal,Gustafson
Absent: Walker
Staff: K. Munson, K. Ganske, D. McKeon, J. Testerman

Call to Order
Chair Conlon called meeting to order at  5:14p.m.

I.  Consent Agenda

M/S/C Motion to approveagenda. Adams/Munson/ all in favor
M/S/C Motion to approve consent agenda. Adams/Munson/  all in favor

II.  Old Business
  Executive Director’s Report

  • 160 plus several on waiting list
  • Will put in effort to build up waiting list

III.  New Business
A.  Approval of Board Committees

  • Adhoc Committee met
  • See attached list of committees and meeting structure

M/S/C Motion to have board establish standing committees as stated by the ADHOC team. (Governance, Program Devolopment, Finance, Executive Committee) Munson/Hanko/all in favor

M/S/C Motion to adopt meeting structure as recommended by the AD HOC team, found on the attached list, yet the finance committee will continue to meet on it’s current schedule. Munson/Carlson-Doom/all in favor.

  • McKeon and Munson will send recommendations for committee membership by Oct. 23.
  • Members may respond by Oct. 27.

            B.  Executive Director Evaluation

  • Suggested five areas of focus for Executive Director

M/S/C Motion to base Executive Director’s evaluation on the five areas outlined in McKeon’s report and adding a sixth area titled fiancial performance. Peterson/Munson/all in favor.

            C.  TrekNorth Name Change
M/S/C Motion to change TrekNorth High School to “TrekNorth Junior & Senior High School”.Adams/Neal/all in favor.

            D.  2006-2007 Budget Revisions
M/S/C  Motion to accept new budget with revisions as of October 10, 2006. Carlson-Doom/Munson/all in favor

            E. 2005-06 Audit
M/S/C Motion to approve the audit, management letter and staff’s response. Adams/Munson/all in favor.
            F. 2006 Annual Report
M/S/C Motion to approve 2006 annual report. Adams/Peterson/ all in favor.

IV.  Adjournment

Adjourned at 6:34p.m.

Respectfully submitted, Kirby Ganske


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