TrekNorth School Board Minutes

TrekNorth High School
Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
January 22, 2008     

Present: Peterson, Carlson-Doom, Gustafson, Conlon, Munson, Roy, Walker, Hanko
Guests: McKeon, K. Munson, VOA

Formal Agenda
Welcome and Call to order called to order at  6:53p.m.

I.  Consent Agenda

A. Previous Meeting Minutes
B. Board Financials

M/S/C Motion to approve the previous meeting minutes and board financials. Hanko/Munson/All in Favor

II. Executive Director Report

-Silver Medal by US News and World Report, Finance Award, Advisor groups are starting,


III. Committee Reports
A. Finance Committee

M/S/C Motion to roll over existing First National Bank CD valued at $26,348.96 for another one year. Peterson/Gustafson/All in Favor

M/S/C Motion to insert Page 36 in the Employee handbook.  Language added in regards to dental plan addition to employee benefits. Peterson/Munson/All in Favor

Governance Committee

-Will not meet

C. Program Committee
-will to meet discuss Honor Roll to before the next meeting

D. Executive Committee
-Evaluations were compiled by for McKeon.  A presentation will be given to the board next month.  Suggestion of starting an Honor Roll, going to Program Committee


IV. New Business

        A. Finance Award/ US News & World Report Silver Medal

        B. Lucachick Architecture Blue Prints

        -A walk-through will be done with Lucachick, or who he recommends

        C. Strategic Planning: April 3-4 with Rod Haenke

        -April 3-4 is agreed upon as desired date

        D. AYP Update

        -McKeon will wait for a response for further action, McKeon will send a “thank you” to Moe

        E. Testing Schedule and Preparation Report
              -McKeon, Drietz-McKeon, and Ganske will be attending trainings, MCA test prep will be part of class and College Prep

        F. Ad Hoc Committee for a Non-Profit for Building
              -February 7th meeting with Anderson

        M/S/C Motion to form an Ad Hoc committee of Walker, Peterson, Conlon, Carlson-Doom, and Munson  for Non-Profit Foundation. Munson/Walker/All in Favor

        G. Airport Variance Update

        M/S/C Motion to extend the meeting until the end of the Airport Variance Update. Munson/Walker/All in Favor.


V. Adjournment



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