TrekNorth School Board Minutes

TrekNorth High School
Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
February 12, 2008     

Present: Peterson, Carlson-Doom, Gustafson, Conlon, Munson, Roy, Walker, Hanko, Neal

Formal Agenda
Welcome and Call to order called to order at  6:45p.m.

I.  Consent Agenda

A. Previous Meeting Minutes
B. Board Financials

M/S/C Motion to accept Consent Agenda with meeting minute changes. Munson/Hanko/All in Favor

II. Executive Director Report

-- McKeon is not present


III. Committee Reports
A. Finance Committee
-Investment Possibility- Issue Tabled

Governance Committee

-No Report

C. Program Committee
- Honor Roll Recommendations

M/S/C Motion to institute an honor roll where in order to make the A honor roll student must have a 3.75 GPA with no grade below a B, and in order to make the B honor roll student must have a 3.00 GPA with no grade below a C. Gustafson/Carlson-Doom/All in Favor

-Class Ranking Recommendation

M/S/C Motion that transfer GPAs are included in TrekNorth Cumulative GPA and weighted according to the number of transfer credits brought in by March 1. Carlson-Doom/Munson/All in Favor

M/S/C Motion that transcripts and records will be acceptably standardized by June 1, 2008 and there will be a report at the June board meeting. Carlson-Doom/Munson/6 in favor, 1 nay

D. Executive Committee

  • Executive Director Evaluation Report
  • No chance to meet with McKeon prior to meeting because he is sick.
  • Goal setting set back to strategic plan. 
  • Governance committee will look at director’s job description and revise as necessary before March meeting.


IV. New Business

        a.  AP Report: Mike Munson, Lead Teacher

        M/S/C Motion to extend the meeting. Walker/Munson/ 5 in favor, 2 nays

        b.  Airport Variance update
              -Letter delivered to lawyer on February 1.

        c.  AYP update
                                -Handwritten thank you to Moe, no response from MDE

        d.  Board Member Recruitment

        e. Lucachick Feasibility study

        M/S/C Motion to have Lucachick do a feasibility study on the building site. Munson/Carlson-Doom/All in Favor



V. Adjournment: 8:07



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