TrekNorth School Board Minutes

TrekNorth High School
Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
November 13, 2007     

Present: Peterson, Carlson-Doom, Gustafson, Conlon, Neal, Munson, Roy, Walker, Hanko
Guests: McKeon, K. Munson

Formal Agenda
Welcome and Call to order called to order at  7:03p.m.

M/S/C Motion to approve the change to the agenda.  Add Unitarian Church under New Business. Carlson-Doom/Gustafson/All in Favor

I.  Consent Agenda

A. Previous Meeting Minutes
B. Board Financials

M/S/C Motion to approve the previous meeting minutes and board financials.
Hanko/Carlson-Doom/All in Favor

II. Executive Director Report

A. AYP Report- Mary Olson and Frank Moe have been contacted.  Moe emailed back.  McKeon should reply to Moe specifically about the data-month discrepancy.


III. Committee Reports
A. Finance Committee
- Approval of Contracts

M/S/C Motion to approve Contract for Thaddeus Variance as Quiet Study Coordinator for $13.00 per hour. Peterson/Munson/All in Favor

M/S/C Motion to approve contract for Michael Munson as Lead Teacher/Peer Observer for $3,000. Peterson/Gustafson/All in Favor, M. Munson Abstains

M/S/C Motion to approve contract for Kristin Gustafson and Greg Moen as Lead Teacher/Peer Observer for $500 each. Peterson/Carlson-Dooms/All in Favor, Gustafson Abstains

M/S/C Motion to approve contract for Deborah Carlson-Doom as Lead Teacher/Peer Observer for $500. Peterson/Munson/All in Favor, Carlson-Doom Abstains

Governance Committee

M/S/C Motion that Dan pursue a discussion with our attorney regarding the airport variance and special use permit. Munson/Hanko/All in Favor.

C. Program Committee


IV. New Business

        A. MAC Report

        B. MACS Board Training
        -Board Training opportunity by Minnesota Association of Charter Schools.  We can go in to the cities, or they will come here.  Dan can set this training up.  We could think about it for next year when we question if we should be a part of MACS.

        C. MSHSL Resolution

        M/S/C Motion to accept the Minnesota High School League Resolution. Munson/Carlson-Doom/All in Favor.

        D. Strategic Planning - January/February?

V. Adjournment: 8:00pm



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