TrekNorth School Board Minutes

                          TrekNorth Junior & Senior High School
Board of Directors Meeting Mnutes
Tuesday, September 22, 2009
6:00 pm Board Meeting Minutes

Mission Statement: TrekNorth prepares young people to make a positive difference in their local and global communities.

Members present:  Julia Conlon, Andy Wiggins, Deb LaRue, Jeff Jones, Deborah Carlson-Doom, Jennifer Roy, Kristin Gustafson

Member Absent: Mike Huerbin, Rochelle Johnson

Guests present:  Dan McKeon, Executive Director, Kari Munson, Business Manager

Formal Agenda

Welcome and Call to Order 6:59

Consent Agenda

Previous Meeting Minutes

Board Financials

MSC Motion to approve the consent agenda. Kristin Gustafson, Deborah Carlson-Doom

Executive Director Annual Report-

                        - Annual draft report in place of Ex Director Monthly Report
MSC Motion to approve the annual report.  Kristin Gustafson, Jennifer Roy

Committee Reports

1. Governance Committee
A. School Policy Discussion- NO Report

2. Finance Committee

MSC Motion to approve License/non-license contracts: Deb Carlson-Doom, Kristin Gustafson.
            Dan Carlson-                                    Science/$9589.00
            Jodie Olson-                                    SPED/$45,500.00
            Arianne Baggenstoss                        SPED Para/$21,948.00

MSC Motion to approve Quiet Study and Extra Curricular contracts: Deb Carlson Doom, Jeff Jones. Kristin Gustafson, abstained
            Kristin Gustafson-            QS/$1200.00
            Greg Moen-                        QS/$1200.00
            Jennifer Laitala-            QS/$2400.00
            Kristin Gustafson-            Yearbook/ $500

MSC Motion to approve Extra Curricular contracts:  Kristin Gustafson, Jeff Jones.  Jennifer Roy Abstained, Deborah Carlson-Doom, abstained
            Jennifer Roy-                        Student Council/ $500
            Mike Munson-            Cross Country/ $1,000
            Deb Carlson-Doom-            Knowledge Bowl/ $1,000

MSC Motion to approve Extra Curricular contract: Kristin Gustafson, Jennifer Roy. Andy Wiggins Abstained
            Andy Wiggins-            Soccer/$1,000
MSC Motion to approve Saturday school contract:  Jeff Jones, Deborah Carlson-Doom. Andy Wiggins abstained
            Andy Wiggins-            1st semester Saturday School/$1,050.00

MSC Motion to approve Food Service and Maintenance Contracts: Jeff Jones, Kristin Gustafson
            Aramark-catering contract/ $3.00 per meal
            Road Runner delivery-            $5,130
            Peterson Sheet Metal-            2 yr/ $2,535.20

MSC Motion to recommend approval of carrying liability coverage of Two Million Dollars. Deborah Carlson Doom, Deb LaRue

MSC Motion to recommend approval of the 2009-2010 Accounting Manual. Kristin Gustafson, Andy Wiggins

MSC Motion to contract with BASC for Truancy Tracker Services 2009-2010.  Jeff Jones, Jennifer Roy

MSC Motion to extend meeting past 8:00.

    1. Program Committee
      A. Employee Handbook


MSC Motion to approve the Employee Handbook contingent on proposed changes. Jennifer Roy, Deborah Carlson-Doom
Proposed changes to the employee handbook:

Reasonable force statement (see WHA example) Sec. 3.15
Mentor Groups (Sec. 3.11) don't really exist--remove or implement?
Sec. 3.11 include "SLP calendar" along with the OAP calendar
SLP Procedures--a new section 9?
Sec. 3--add new transportation regulations
Sec. 3 Data Privacy regarding not allowing students to enter grades into Power School
Sec. 3 Mandated Reporter responsibilities
Sec. 4.6 (add) Para and support staff job descriptions
Sec. 4.1 add MN Code of Ethics for Teachers and Administrators.
Sec. 4.1? DVD guidelines for ratings and content
Sec. 3.25 Inventory responsibilities
Sec. 4.12 Copyright laws on DVDs, books, all intellectual copyright material


New Business
Facility Committee Update- no action taken
2009 Minnesota Charter School Law Revision- Tabled until October Board meeting
  1. Adjournment 8:25




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