TrekNorth School Board Minutes

                          TrekNorth Junior & Senior High School
Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
November 10th, 2009
6:00 pm Committee Meetings/Board Meeting

Mission Statement: TrekNorth prepares young people to make a positive difference in their local and global communities.

Members present:  Andy Wiggins, Deb LaRue, Jeff Jones, Deborah Carlson-Doom, Jennifer Roy, Kristin Gustafson, Mike Huerbin

Member Absent: Rochelle Johnson, Julia Conlon

Guests present:  Dan McKeon, Executive Director, Kari Munson, Business Manager, Katie Houg,  Julie and Barry Simpson

Formal Agenda

Welcome and Call to Order (Deb LaRue) 6:43


Guests: Julia and Barry Simpson, concern on policy movies rated R shown in school and at school events.

Consent Agenda

Previous Meeting Minutes

Board Financials


MSC Motion to approve the consent agenda. Deborah Carlson-Doom, Kristin Gustafson,

Executive Director Monthly Report

                        - Report given. 
MSC Motion to form a committee to discuss salary schedule. Committee members: Kari Munson, Kristin Gustafson, Kathryn Enright, Rochelle Johnson, Andy Wiggins, Deb Carlson-Doom, Dan McKeon.   Jeff Jones, Deb Carlson-Doom


Committee Reports
    1. Governance Committee
      1. School Policy Discussion
      2. No action taken
    1. Finance Committee
      1. Part Time Employee Compensation                                    -No action taken, tabled until next month
      2. Speech Pathologist Contract

MSC Motion to approve Licensed Speech Pathologist contract with Nancy Peterson:  Jeff Jones, Kristin Gustafson

      1. CD Maturity Data

MSC Motion to roll over public funds certificate $79,296.02 with First National Bank Bemidji for another year. Jeff Jones, Deb Carlson-Doom

      1. Schools Contract

MSC Motion to contract with Distributed Website Corporation for School Activity Scheduler $440.00:  Jeff Jones, Kristin Gustafson.

    1. Program Committee
      1. Future Elective Programming
      2. No action taken
      3. Facility Use Policy

MSC Motion to approve Facility Requisition Form: Kristin Gustafson, Deb Carlson-Doom

New Business

Facility/Safety Committee Update

                                    -update given on progression of new facility and time line.

Officer Elections

MSC Motion to table board elections until December board meeting. Deb Carlson-Doom, Jeff Jones

MSC Motion to extend the meeting after 8:00.  Deb Carlson-Doom, Kristin Gustafson

Board Training

                        -No action taken, discussion on Board Training options at MDE
D.  Donation
      -Acknowledge Mike Munson for donating his Cross Country Coaching Salary back into the Cross Country Program.

Address Guest concern from start of meeting, Julie and Barry Simpson.

                        -No action taken, Dan McKeon, Executive Director, will draft a new                                     policy for program committee to review and will communicate with the                                     Simpsons on the boards discussion regarding their concerns.


  1. Adjournment




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