TrekNorth School Board Minutes

                          TrekNorth Junior & Senior High School
Board of Directors Meeting
January 11th, 2011
6:00 pm Committee Meetings/Board Meeting Minutes

Members present: Julia Conlon, Deb LaRue, Kristin Gustafson, Jeff Jones,
Mike Huerbin, Jodie Olson, Deb Carlson-Doom, Rose Hawkins, Kirby Ganske

Members absent: N/A

Ex-Officio members present: Kari Munson, Business Manager
Ex-Officio members absent: Dan McKeon, Executive Director

Guest Present: No guests

Formal Agenda

Welcome and Call to Order 6:25 p.m.

Mission Statement: TrekNorth prepares young people to make a positive difference in their local and global communities.

Formal Agenda

Welcome and Call to Order

M/S/S, Motion to accept the agenda as presented, Deb Carlson Doom, Deb LaRue

Consent Agenda

Previous Meeting Minutes

Board Financials


M/S/C Motion to approve the consent agenda.  Kristin Gustafson, Deb Carlson-Doom


                        No Guests present

Executive Director Monthly Report

                        No Action taken

Committee Report


Finance Committee

M/S/C Motion to approve the contract with Ryan Rogers for Nordic Ski Coach. $10.00 per hour not to exceed $1200.00 Jeff Jones, Deb Cartlson-Doom


    • Program Committee
      • Still in process of creating academic schedule
      • No Action Taken, Committee still working

Facility Committee

      • Committee work update given
      • No Action Taken


Governance Committee

- Board Action Calendar committee will meet and have a recommendation prepared for the next meeting.

New Business

VOA Site Visit

                        -Deb Carlson-Doom gave an overview of the site visit Summary                                                 Feedback.
                        - No action taken

  • Adjournment


Additional Notes

  • I will meet with the Program Committee to discuss the process by which we create the academic schedule.  I would like this become a Board-approved process.
  • In November we discussed the possibility of revising our Board Action Calendar.  I’d like to see a plan to make this happen sometime in the next couple of months.




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