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TrekNorth Daily Schedule

TrekNorth utilizes two different daily schedules depending upon the day. The Daily Schedule will be used on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, and includes five 70-75 minute seminars, while the College Prep/Advisory Schedule will be used on Tuesdays and Thursdays to facilitate the College Prep/Advisory class for each grade. TrekNorth will also host a Friday Assembly one or two times per month. On those Fridays, 5th Hour will dismiss at approximately 2:35.

High School Daily Schedule (MTTHF)   Junior High Daily Schedule (MTTHF)
8:30 – 9:40 1st Hour   8:30 – 9:40 1st Hour
9:45 – 10:55 2nd Hour   9:45 – 10:55 2nd Hour
11:00 – 12:10 3rd Hour   11:00 – 12:10 3rd Hour
12:10 – 12:40 Lunch   12:10 – 12:40 Lunch
12:40 – 1:50 4th Hour   12:40 – 1:45 4th Hour
2:05 – 3:10 5th Hour   2:05 – 3:10 5th Hour
High School College Prep Schedule (W)   Junior High College Prep Schedule (W)
8:30 – 9:30 1st Hour   8:30 – 9:30 1st Hour
9:35 – 10:15 College Prep   9:35 – 10:15 Advisory
10:20 – 11:20 2nd Hour   10:20 – 11:20 2nd Hour
11:25 – 12:25 3rd Hour   11:25 – 12:25 3rd Hour
12:25 – 12:55 Lunch   12:25 – 12:55 Lunch
12:55 – 2:00 4th Hour   12:55 - 1:55 4th Hour
2:05 – 3:10 5th Hour   1:55 – 2:10 Activity Time
    2:10 – 3:10 5th Hour

Students who choose to drive to TrekNorth will have accessible parking on the north side of the building.

Please do not park on the south side of the building.
(That is reserved for Staff) 

Students are expected to drive responsibly when entering and exiting the campus. There is no charge for parking.


Student Activities

TrekNorth offers a range of activities for students to participate in.

      Service Learning Program & Outdoor Adventure Program

      The Arts: (Music) Piano, Choir, and Dance Performances; MSHSL Section Competitions (Art) AP Studio Art, MSHSL Art Festival, High School Bemidji Area Invitational, Studio Rats Studio Nights
       Extra Curricular Activities: Soccer, Cross Country. Cross Country Skiing, Track, Speech, Robotics. Envirothon, Knowledge Bowl

       Clubs: National Honors Society, Student Council, School Culture, Yearbook, STAR Team            

       Fun: Student assemblies, Lock-ins, Dances, Prom, Student run lunch  activities

TrekNorth Course Catalog
Check out TrekNorth's list and descriptions of courses offered at TrekNorth by visiting our TrekNorth Course Catalog.

Student Resources    
Bullying Support:
 Click here for more information about bullying. You can also find information about TrekNorth's Bullying Policy

Computer and Technology issues:
Contact Jen Laitala room 109

One role of TrekNorth is to facilitate our students’ preparation for their future by providing resources and opportunities to become familiar with multiple post-high school opportunities and career choices.

The school will serve students’ needs in these primary areas: letters of recommendation; EXPLORE, PLAN, PSAT, and ACT testing and results review; college and career reference materials; general scholarship information; community service requirements; graduation requirement counseling; and class schedule requirements or adjustments.
See Rebecca Snyder for more information

TrekNorth has a Mental Health Professional in the building at least one day per week.  Students may be referred to the MHP by the Student Support Team, the School Social Worker, or through a parent request.

TrekNorth also has contacts with Mental Health Professionals in the community to provide a variety of mental health services. Students/parents should contact the office or Rebecca for more information.
Alumni and students can request their academic transcripts on the Parchment website.



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