Perseverance Award 2021

The past year has presented challenges to every student, and every student should be recognized for their work to stay flexible and keep working with the many difficulties that were sent their way.  The following students stood out for withstanding and overcoming some serious challenges to their learning and coming out on the other side still standing:

 Seniors : Kenyon B., Sam O., Xavier S.

Juniors: Kashauna, Ahmya, Adrianna, Lydia 

Sophomores: Frankie, Lilianna, Jestin, Osaze, Megan, Pam, Caliyah, Alec 

Freshmen: Cameron, Kael, Aaliyah, Marla, Jada, Alexis 

8th grade: Cole, Carter, Mariah 

7th grade: Dartanyon, Magnolia, Patrick, Ceyonna, Azalea 

6th grade; Liana, Dominic, Andrea